Monday Daily Oracle; The Good News is the Sun is Shining Today.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Red 8 Galactic Serpent or expansive survival instinct. 8Serine.
  • Analog is White 8 Galactic Wizard or comprehensive timelessness. 8 Lysine.
  • Guide Power is Red 8 Galactic Moon or Integrity of emotions. 8Methionine.
  • Antipode is Blue 8 Galactic Eagle or harmonizing mind. 8Arginine.
  • Hidden Wisdom, right now at dusk is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Warrior or balanced fearlessness. 6Histidine
  • The 5GForce is Blue 6 Rhythmic Eagle, pulsing with the antipode as Equalizing Vision. 6Arginine.

Earth Holon-Ben’s Bad News Corner if you like that kind of thing.

Watch “Bad Ozone News, Climate Reality, NASA Needs a Fix | S0 News Jan.3.2022” on YouTube

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by the asteroid belt, Tiamat’s dream spell today. Pulled into its dream spell is Mars. Red Serpent is polar kin; 60°N—75°E in the Northern USSR. This is at the crown of the planet whose job is to receive from the cosmic web.

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