Ascension Works Telegram post from Corey Goode

“We will also be delivering more briefing on recent meetings between Inner Earth Groups and members of the local confederation of planets, a group that Earth will join after our next solar cycle, and the removal of the Orion Groups influence in our entire local stellar neighborhood of over 52 stars.

Members formerly of the Global Galactic League of Nations were also present along with SSP Alliance members who represented the surface population and their related human colonies. These meetings are ongoing and we will have briefings on them very soon.”-Corey Goode

From Lisa

After I listened to Emery Smith interview Tim from Germany on GAIA channel yesterday about the Ebens and Grey’s, I thought, “This guy is compromised.” I don’t trust either of those species at all and they aren’t even an organic species! I think they’re made, not born and he had empathy for them?

I’m glad to hear this from Corey. I want both species banned from our planet. They are not time travellers but scavengers for DNA, ours in particular.

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