Wednesday Daily Oracle; Navigation, Endlessness, Self-Generation and the Matrix of Universal 🔥 Fire

This is a polar kin and establishes the Yellow Galactic Spectrum of the Earth Holon.

The matrixes I listed in the title, those are the only four matrices in the Tzolkin. The last three end the dharmic cycle on the solar outbreath prophetic side. Today begins the karma of universal fire and Christ Consciousness on the karmic galactic in-breath side. You can get off the DNA train here if you wish, on Yellow Sun, the matrix of universal fire.

This is an odd themeplex. Look at the antipode. White 3 Electric Dog was J.C.’s birth gateway when he was here. Yellow Sun is about embodying Christ consciousness enlightenment and he is literally the challenge to doing that in the matrix of universal fire! What the heck? Maybe we are in a continual matrix of universal fire in order to burn up our egos? Who would I be if I was free of my ego? Who would you be? Probably our Light Body and we’d hardly need to eat.

This is a springboard grouping today to go from one matrix to the next; self-generation matrix to universal fire matrix and it stops the DNA sequence as a stop codon/proline. That’s done, and tomorrow we start the natural process of input of memory/time again, then communication, abundance, and flowering.

This particular point is in synchronicity with the Matrix movies. The Matrix is governed by time, which is the body in the karma and dharma cycle which is conflict. It’s part of our evolving, dualistic DNA and is not a mistake. That is a challenge to enlightenment, for sure. Yellow Sun is the bridge or the train station between worlds.

I remember the scene when Naobi was talking to Neo in Zion and she was an old woman. She said she never believed war could end and life could be silent until Neo came along and took care of matters in A.I. Machine City. The War ended. He stopped the A.I. Virus and I believe died and had to be healed and reborn just as Trinity did. Those two coming back together, healed, as twin flames are what Matrix Resurrection is about.

Body Holon

  • The theme is Yellow 3 Electric Sun or electromagnetic activation in order to be of service. That doesn’t meant martyr but your ego will need to take a back seat to your higher self. 3Stop codon.
  • The analog is Blue 3 Electric Storm or electromagnetic activation of the light body. It’s literal. 3Tryptophan
  • The Guide Power is Yellow 3 Electric Seed or electromagnetic flowering in our body. 3Valine
  • The Antipode is White 3 Electric Dog or electromagnetic LOVE, a true friend and guardian. 3Aspartic Acid
  • The Hidden Wisdom is Red 11 Spectral Dragon or dissolving memory!!, letting go of the past. It’s all melting anyway. 11Cysteine, Neptunian storm reversal here.
  • The 5GForce is Yellow 11 Spectral Sun. Very telling indeed. Fifth density energy is disslving parts of the sun and we can see it on Suspicious Observer reports.

Earth Holon

Antarctica is teeming with life. Note the synchronistic focus on “the electric current” at 2:30.

Interplanetary Holon


Collapsing Pluto atmosphere is mediating today with Neptune storm reversal mediating the Hidden Wisdom as Red 11 Spectral Dragon. There is much giving up of the ghost today and people can feel it whether they’re MSM “time is money” programs or co-creative souls with the universe.

Mercury aligning with retrograde Venus will meet up with Pluto early tomorrow. This points to examining the past and I just noted that according to the Oracle before I read the astronomy.

We might push issues because of Pluto but we’re not ready for the whole picture yet. It’s in flux.

The SUN, our theme, squares Chiron in Aries tonight along with Red 11 Spectral Dragon. Better stay in or go under the bed. Yikes. Don’t set up any relationship discussions. Do focus on your own project or watch a Matrix movie. LOL.

The Moon is in Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, so this is big synchronicity as well.

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