The Matrix Clarified-Important

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Jose Arguelles released the multi-density Dreamspell in 1990. He preceeded Hollywood in defining the process of natural, earth centered.DNA evolution before Cabal controlled Hollywood hacked the meaning of Matrix in a sci-fi movie series and suggested humans would be 4D programs grown in an A.I. machine universe without a soul who had an old white haired man as the source architect. This guy was a super mathematician and essentially heartless and reviled love. He said it to Neo’s face in Matrix Reloaded. After he gave Neo two evil, destructive choices, Neo said, “You better not be here when I get back” Hacker Jesus (what the 20-somethings call him) Neo said that to Hacker God sitting in his computer chair.

That whole scene was so offensive and ignorant regarding who God is. Check out the Urantia Book for better information. Better yet check our your own heart in meditation for the truth..

The first kin to use the word matrix in its mantra is Red Earth, tribe 17. It is the matrix of navigation. Then White Mirror, tribe 18 is the matrix of endlessness. Blue Storm, #19 is the matrix of self-generation, Yellow Sun, tribe 20 is the matrix of universal 🔥 fire. That’s it.

The rest of the action, starting with tribe #1, Red Dragon, is input, then store, process, and output. The matrix is only formed with the last 4 tribes and its a natural matrix OF EARTH, not machine. Note their amino acids; phenyalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan and stop codon. Proline is in there as a minor stop codon also whose 3 letter nucleotide oversees a few harmonics.

In the fictional Matrix movies they depict all DNA life as computer programs, 32-bit I suppose and that is in exact synchronicity with the I Ching oracle. There is that word oracle, also in sychronicity with the movies. And the role of the oracle was played by a loving black woman who was like a grandmother. That’s a direct hack of the loom of the 13 moons also, keeping to the female.

Zion is Israel, Nebuchadnezzar II, also spelled Nebuchadrezzar II, was their ship. He was the second king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, ruling from the death of his father Nabopolassar in 605 BC to his own death in 562 BC. Historically known as Nebuchadnezzar the Great, he is typically regarded as the empire’s greatest king. Wikipedia. These folks were Mesopatamian TIME THIEVES. Just sayin’.

The Merovingian come up in the movie. Better look at this link and read up on it.

The key maker was Chinese. That is a synchronicity with the I Ching oracle brought forward around 1000 B.C. The I Ching’s actual discovery and much of its early history are the stuff of legends. The keys are the hexagrams decoded as our amino acid nucleotides. That dude had ALL the keys but said he couldn’t do it anymore. Then he was killed by a Smith swarm, an analogy to modern day sex-trafficking cabal.

The I Ching

The I Ching has served for thousands of years as a philosophical taxonomy (every key to every gateway) of the universe, a guide to an ethical life, a manual for rulers, and an oracle of one’s personal future and the future of the state. It was an organizing principle or authoritative proof for literary and arts criticism, cartography, medicine, and many of the sciences, and it generated endless Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist, and, later, even Christian commentaries, and competing schools of thought within those traditions.

In China and in East Asia, it has been by far the most consulted of all books, in the belief that it can explain everything. In the West, it has been known for over three hundred years and, since the 1950s, is surely the most popularly recognized Chinese book. With its seeming infinitude of applications and interpretations, there has never been a book quite like it anywhere. It is the center of a vast whirlwind of writings and practices, but is itself a void, or perhaps a continually shifting cloud, for most of the crucial words of the I Ching have no fixed meaning.

The origin of the text is, as might be expected, obscure. In the mythological version, the culture hero Fu Xi, a dragon or a snake with a human face, studied the patterns of nature in the sky and on the earth: the markings on birds, rocks, and animals, the movement of clouds, the arrangement of the stars. He discovered that everything could be reduced to eight trigrams, each composed of three stacked solid or broken lines, reflecting the yin and yang, the duality that drives the universe. The trigrams themselves represented, respectively, heaven, a lake, fire, thunder, wind, water, a mountain, and earth. (NATURE) These 8 trigrams (3 letter amino acid nucleotides) multiply by 8 to make 64 nucleotides which make up the genetic code. They are seen as 64 harmonics with 4 gates each in the Tzolkin Harmonic Oracle.

The Tzolkin Harmonic takes it from there and multiplies 64 x 4 to bring the genetic code up to 256. The last 4 are in HF33 which has been hacked by the cabal for millenia by SMITH in a Hollywood, analyst, BLUE PILL kind of way. We await full activation of our 65 quantum DNA nucleotides so that we are in 13:20:260 code from the earth, not A.I Zion run by machines out of control.

Trinity is resurrected as White 13 Cosmic Dog which fully opens HF33, kin130. Binary 101, zeros and ones’s, the address of Hacker God in the control Room, isn’t going ro cut it in the new world. It’s in my book as a very short section. I remember putting it in thinking, “This is remedial. Why bother?”

Love from Galactic Center via the Sun is quantum code but it isn’t computers, robots or machines. It’s US, our bodies and minds aligned with the universe and the 13 Moons.

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