Clarification of Evolutionary Action in 4D

The Oracle, Keeping an Eye on Earth. God I love this picture so much. I feel like this about humans and earth and so very sorry for the suffering and the mistakes the Universe has made. God is perfect but the Universe workers are not. Everyone is evolving.

We live on a natural, evolutionary sphere that is a decimal experiment station guided by the Tzolkin Harmonic. The governing action is synchronicity which you can only see if you realize we live in a free-will hologram, not a dense reality of chance, coincidence, accident, or serendipity. Those don’t exist in time. The only tribes that create the Matrix are the last 4 (see the bottom). The rest are doing natural evolutionary processes coming from the earth.

There are no machines helping us evolve and there will not be. They are hindering our natural evolution with their erroneous programming. The only humans that are programs are those that allow their mindset TO BE PROGRAMMED by the MSM A.I. Programming on television, written media, the internet, and movies. Just turn it off. Our minds are totally programmable by us and it is 100% within our power to focus our minds according to our choosing. This is what all of my work is about; taking control of your mind setup, thus your body setup and spirit setup. Mind, Body, and Spirit are what the holon or holistic movement is all about and we’ve been saying it for about twenty years now. Maybe even since the ’70s!

The purpose of the first 4 tribes (amino acids); Red Dragon Cysteine, White Wind Glycine, Yellow Seed Valine, and Blue NightAlanine is to input energy into the body.

The purpose of tribes 5-8; Red Serpent Serine, White World-Bridger Threonine, Blue Hand Isoleucine, and Yellow Star Leucine is to process energy in the body.

The purpose of tribes 9-12; Red Moon Methionine, White Dog Aspartic Acid, Blue Monkey Asparagine, and Yellow Human Glutamic Acid is to store energy in the body.

The purpose of tribes 13-16; Red Skywalker Glutamine, White Wizard Lysine, Blue Eagle Arginine, and Yellow Warrior Histidine is to output energy in the body.

The purpose of tribes 17-20; Red Earth Phenylalanine, White Mirror Tyrosine, Blue Storm Tryptophan, and Yellow Sun Stop Codon/Proline is to create the matrix.

(My son born in 1999 is in this last group. He and his friends are very much aware of their mission. They tend to be millenial/GenX)

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