How Can Anyone Accurately Predict the Future If they Only Look at Past Patterns?

The future only exists to the extent that we create it. Otherwise, the past keeps repeating itself. We are co-creators and need to feed the future with our intentions and our minds daily. What do we want our future and humanity’s future to look like? Hardly anyone does it because they’re distracted with all the outside activities in the 4D Matrix and with the past. It’s set up that way on purpose to vampire your mental energy. That’s how our minds get locked down and controlled. That’s why time warps on a planet. It’s like a wood bench in the backyard warping from moisture.

The brand new Matrix movie, “Resurrection” is the best one yet. I just watched it. Please note that Trinity resides in HF33 kin 130 and White 13 Cosmic Dog. Neo is kin131, Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey. This movie looked like the HF33 gate spinning the whole time. Is “the analyst” a perfect poster child for the cabal or what? King of the Blue Pills.

The Tzolkin Matrix comes from Implicate order into Explicate Order but doesn’t lose its multiverse aspects, just like the movie. The Tao te Ching says “keep to the female” and Trinity holding him up and helping him live is an omen of the female finally leading and finding equal status with the male as we proceed here.

Watch for all the synchronicity yourself. But the Matrix movies are a hack of HF31 and the Mayan Oracle. They steal all of the ancient symbols and put a new meaning on them that points to a machine world. No deal.

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