Saturday Daily Oracle;Christmas Day! Merry Christmas.🎄

Herbie the outlier elf. “I want to be…a Dentist”. You go, boy!” He seems like a Warrior to me. A good example for today. Herbie doesn’t want to make toys!

Body Holon

  • Theme is Yellow 12 Crystal Warrior or communal intelligence. Really? Lol It is a holy day. 12Histidine.
  • Analog is Blue 12 Crystal Night or communal abundance which is love for ourselves and our bodies, each other and the planet. 12Alanine.
  • Guide Power is Yellow 12 Crystal Star or cooperative art beauty and peace. ☮ This local alignment is directly challenged by retrograde Venus conjunct Pluto which is harmony and beauty disrupted by deep old negative feelings that may be better let go? To each his own. It is family dysfunction day so do your best to take the high road.
  • Antipode is White 12 Crystal World Bridger or communal change. The planet and our bodies are in for a MAJOR change and people tend to resist. Better release that hindrance.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 2 Polar Serpent or challenging passion about an issue (Pluto). I wouldn’t start in with any Scorpio kin today. ♏ Seriously.
  • 5gforce is Yellow 2 Polar Seed or polarized flowering. 2Valine

Interplanetary Holon

  • The Mars-Chiron trine perfects this morning shortly before a Venus-Pluto conjunction occurs.With these transits, we want to face the deeper issues. It’s a good time to work on problem areas. (I question that if you want to relax)
  • Today, retrograde Venus returns to a conjunction with Pluto, and we can be focusing on past problems, relationships, or pleasures.
  • Interactions and feelings are more intense and focused. We shouldn’t force matters, even though the desire to sway, coerce, and manipulate others may be present.
  • We’re more passionate or intense when handling business and finances, as well as with people, love, and partnership.
  • The Moon spends the day in dedicated, helpful, detail-oriented Virgo.

Partially from Cafe Astrology.

Earth Holon-THE 12,000 year big one? Suspicious Observers

This is extremely 🤓 nerdy and an hour and a half long. What the scientists, including Ben leave out consistently, is the power of the COLLECTIVE MIND impact on all of these planetary movements. The hand of God is us. God in us. If we want a peaceful earth transition, which I believe most humans want, then we’ll have it. GAIA is not here to hurt us but to help balance us with the earth, the local system and the universe. Does a mother ignore the requests of her child? The male scientists are so clever that their hearts don’t perceive it. Their egos dictate with authority based on reductionist science. Their minds run with fantasy and their their bodies tell them to PROTECT and be ready for the worst. What do their hearts ever tell them? 🙄

Nothing happens by accident or unintelligently OR, according to a cycle devoid of requests from the life it serves. I’ve always been a tad offended by the way science portrays holomovement as being RANDOM and beyond our control. Our mind and focus is part of the game here and this is still lost on science as is a belief in Source as a loving creator.

Maybe take his info. with a grain of salt and be sure to put in your own request to the Universe about balancing the earth, humanity, your own body and yourself. It does not have to be cataclysmic despite what all of these male scientists insist. (💥 blowing stuff up is so fun)

Maybe they don’t understand the heart of a mother who is doing her best to grow and birth a child of light and life amidst great, faithless violent challenges to the contrary. It has ever been thus. She allowed us to come here and make a home and she can safely guide us into the harbor. We need to do our part and focus our intention and wishes. Ask and you shall receive. 🙏

Alex, my son said to me yesterday, ” Mom, you need to have faith. Everything will be fine.” Overthinking can be a problem with intelligence. The deep mystery of abundance and creativity in our souls balances all of it.

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