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I have three books for sale now on the “Books for Sale” tab on my Home page. I simply reformatted this book by Dr. Smith, wrote the preface, added a glossary and a few more bios at the end as well as pictures from the Manhattan Project (Project Trinity!, note one of my last blogs) that are readily available on the internet in the public domain.

What does this have to do with DNA? I found this paper very synchronistically when this blog was still about using your higher brain or intuition which is part of our evolution. Our DNA is evolving and as we change and the earth changes it helps to understand it.

About two years ago I changed the focus to 13:20, “Time is DNA” when I started writing the book you see for sale at the top. I wish for all of my followers to read it and give me feedback. If I’m very far off or not understandable I can still edit and re-upload it! Please let me know what you think.

The scientific method is going to be morphing over the next decade given new information about our E.T. ancestors being disclosed soon in tandem with the attempted genetic engineering and weakening of the human race with the artificially manufactured CV2 virus and its attendant mRNA vaccine. It’s easy to say that half of the planet, 4 billion people want nothing to do with it and likely got sick and then got better which is normal. I did and most of my patients did. Just as with the H1N1 flu, those with co-morbidity or who are very weak can easily die from a virus but that is not most people. We adapt and our immune systems are fabulous. End of story.

Speaking of the scientific method, my book Time is DNA will need to be subjected to the scientific method as well as my next book “The Tones of Creation” in order to advance it to a theory. I really believe I’m on to something and you might want to stay tuned.

Time is DNA Book
My Newest Book

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