Thursday Daily Oracle; We have an Apparent Irony to Iron Out Today😋

I perfect in order to Enchant. Producing Receptivity, I seal the Output of Timelessness with the Planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of Spirit. I am a G.A.P. kin so listen!

The Tzolkin

We’re sealing timelessness with manifestation? We’re sealing timelessness with 4D space-time, in other words, everything we sense and see around us right now with our five senses, in time, is sealing eternity. Okay…

How can we be manifested in time and at the same time seal the upper densities which are timeless? That’s the irony I speak of.

Because the absence of time is inherent IN time the same way the dark is inherent in the light; yin-yang. They aren’t separate but married to each other. They are one. Sound right?

Have you ever lived one day where there wasn’t both light and dark? There can be stretches of time in Alaska where it stays dark for a long time but the light always comes back.

Manifest and non-manifested, time and timelessness are two sides of the same coin. There are many moments in our lives where due to habit, or synchronicity, time doesn’t feel real, or it’s repetitive or it flies and we say, “Where did the time go?” Then we say, “Well, time isn’t real.” And we would be correct in the true sense of the word “real”. But while we’re in the body on the planet time IS real. It is the essential tool of Spirit to help us learn our lessons in karma-dharma.

I think it’s a reality that most people are aware of time, all of the time, because events repeat themselves in The Matrix until a bulk of humanity has a change in Mindset. Then the manifestation around us finally changes, one person at a time until there is a tipping point. You are the change everyone is waiting for. You have to personally change your mindset instead of looking to CNN and your friends to change first. It comes from inside.

Body Holon

  • The theme is White 10 Planetary Wizard or manifested timelessness. 10Lysine
  • The analog is Red 10 Planetary Serpent or manifested passion and sex.
  • The guide power is White 10 manifested Wind or manifested communication. 10Glysine
  • The antipode is Yellow 10 Planetary Seed or manifested flowering. 10Valine.
  • The hidden wisdom is Blue 3 Electric Hand or activated accomplishment and healing. 3Isoleucine
  • 5gforce is White 4 Self-Existing World-Bridger (Melissa S.)-Self-Existing change.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Maldek/Mars/the asteroid belt holon that is holding the asteroid belt in orbit. Its vibe is projected to Mars’ holon.

The Asteroid Belt

Please note the post just before this as part of this section. The Dragon Star has erupted.

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