Wednesday, Dec. 22, First Day of Winter Daily Oracle

The Local Planet Holons are Activated Now Ahead of Solar Maximum

Body Holon

  • Red 9 Solar Skywalker ∞White 9 Solar World-Bridger; Prophecy and Change or prophecy of change
  • Guide Power is Red 9 Solar Moon, a Solar Start Codon in our RNA; We’re starting a new Solar sequence in our bodies that will improve the flow of Universal feelings
  • Antipode is Blue 9 Solar Night; realizing logical and powerful movement
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 5 Radiant Star; empowering beauty
  • 5GForce is Blue 5 Radiant Hand; 5th density accomplishment
  • 3D I Ching is The Abysmal Water; Danger. This could be the sea levels rising.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mars today. The Moon is in Leo.

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