We’re Coming to the End of the Long Nights. Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is Yellow 8 Galactic Human; Integrity with intelligent Free Will Supported by Blue 8 Galactic Earth; A new earth of accomplishment, holders of the chalice, SELF-HEALING, an opener of Gateways!!! (very synchronistic), generous, comprehender, artistic, manifester, inspiring, all good.

We are appropriately mediated by THE EARTH HOLON today!! May we harmonize with our own bodies, others bodies, the trees, the animals of all variety, the ocean life!!!, the plant life on the surface, the plant life in the seas and oceans and all of the E.T. in the inner earth and on the surface in humanoid form.

Enjoy the longest night. Big revelations are coming. Be patient with each other and your neighbors as end-times-madness commence for those who are programmed by MSM. It will not be easy to feel your own authority in your soul.

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