A Call to the Solar System Holons. I’m Getting a Download as I Type.

THE HOLON takes us to 5th Density awareness past 4D which is space-time. Every planet has a holon as part of the Cosmic Web.

PLUTO HOLON ACTIVATE! Yellow Sun Tribe ∞ Blue Storm Tribe Scorpio and Leo Ho!

NEPTUNE HOLON ACTIVATE! Red Dragon Tribe ∞White Mirror Tribe-Pisceans Ho!

URANUS HOLON ACTIVATE! White Wind Tribe ∞Red Earth Tribe. Aquarians Ho!

SATURN HOLON ACTIVATE! Blue Night Tribe ∞ Yellow Warrior Tribe. Capricorns Ho!

JUPITER HOLON ACTIVATE! Yellow Seed Tribe ∞Blue Eagle Tribe. Sagittarians Ho!

Former Tiamatians and Maldekians as refugees on Earth

TIAMAT HOLON holding the asteroid belt ACTIVATE! Red Serpent Tribe∞White Wizard Tribe.

ALL TRIBES and Signs HO! Release the past. Move the old energy to Antarctica where we landed and release our mothership to the world! Let them see we are ONE SPECIES on the EARTH; The HUMAN species.

MARS HOLON ACTIVATE! White Worldbridger Tribe ∞Red Skywalker Tribe. Aries Ho!

EARTH HOLON ACTIVATE! Yellow Human Tribe∞Blue Hand Tribe. Taurus Ho!

VENUS HOLON ACTIVATE! Yellow Star Tribe∞Blue Monkey Tribe. Libra Ho!

MERCURY HOLON ACTIVATE! Red Moon Tribe∞White Dog Tribe. Cancer, Gemini, and Virgo Ho!

There are 12 Signs and 10 planets because of the Tiamat Accident. We had to enter 12:360, legitimately, to survive our mistake which threw us off our timeline which is 13:20. The 10 planets stayed aligned with increments of 5 which is the Tzolkin and Universal. The Earth was on increments of 4. Think of it as 4/5 time or 2/3 time.

Very soon we will be on natural universal time from HF33 when the gateway is cleansed of the cabal and we’ll be on 13:20 led by White 13 Cosmic Dog or THE TRINITY.

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