This is Quite Remarkable from Dr. Salla

Check out this link.

Part 2 – Cabal leaders go to Antarctica to surrender to Extraterrestrials & Earth Alliance

Whenever I look at HF33 and watch as we pass through it, it feels to me that it’s been hacked for thousands of years by the c!@#$ which is Luciferian. We enter HF33 in 18 days so this closing and opening of the gate is right around the corner…January 7, 2022 is Red 12 Crystal Moon and the next day, kin 130, January 8 is White 13 Cosmic Dog. Mark your calendars folks and maybe have some extra food on hand that could last you for 2 weeks. Tech will go down as well.

HF33, the very center of the Tzolkin has White 13 Cosmic Dog guarding the gateway. I believe it is the Holy Spirit, Christ himself in our DNA, helping us evolve.

That is the motivation for stealing souls and sucking their energy for survival. Every species in the universe needs the Holy Spirit activated in their body to survive.

I googled “What was Neo’s apartment number in The Matrix? 303. What does 303 mean in Matrix? Trinity. The number “303” appears to be an allusion to the character Trinity, whose name in Christian theology defines the three-in-one nature of the single Christian God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

They’ve been hacking the gateway for thousands of years. Part of why I’m on the planet is to bring the information forward that will help re-establish the full power of the Trinity in kin 130 in human DNA as it was meant to be.

Humans have a role to play in the local universe regarding teaching other species how to align with Christ Consciousness themselves by choice and uplifting their Minds and souls.

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