The Planet’s Demise? Not.

What is the point of a box on the earth if the earth isn’t going to be here? If the earth isn’t going to be here, neither will the box. ??🙄

Who are these nutjobs? The earth isn’t going anywhere. Some humans may go somewhere else and that would be people who can’t let go of the past and its trauma. Ciao.

My guess is these folks think the same thing is going to happen to earth as happened to Tiamat/Maldek/Mars. No it won’t. The story is in the Mayan Dreamspell and it is a tragic one. It will not be repeated.

Upon landing on earth as refugees in a time war accident that became the asteroid belt, a contract was agreed to that would be enforced by GFW. Humans would not be allowed and would be stopped from taking any action that would destroy the planet or the human race. That action has already occurred. Military nuclear warheads have been shut down about 5 times already. It’s in the military records. Go ahead and check.

Good old MSM and their dumb fear-mongering, lies and cyncism. Merry Christmas grinches.


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