Daily Oracle; Something or Someone Became More Clear Yesterday or Last Night. Today we Purify our Intentions. The Full Moon is in Gemini

Humans like to be together sometimes. It affects our DNA too.

Body Holon

  • The Theme is Red 5 Radiant Moon; Radiant flow of Universal Feeling. 5Methionine, the start codon in any amino acid sequence
  • The Analog is White 5 Radiant Dog; Beautiful love and affinity with companions and guardians, and team players. 5Aspartic Acid
  • The Guide Power this morning is Red 5 Radiant Earth; A step up in understanding synchronicity with others; 5Phenylalanine
  • The Antipode this afternoon is Blue 5 Radiant Storm; Self-Generation and a literal weather event that brings beauty (we just got lovely snow finally). 5Tryptophan
  • The Hidden Wisdom at our early dusk is Yellow 9 Solar Human; INTENTION to hold your own chalice of wisdom. 9Stop Codon. This stops the amino acid sequence. Mercury forms a square to Chiron in Aries tonight which means your sense of self may need to stay within you and not talked about. It really depends on the person. Do mind the antipode though! Blue Storm is self-generation.
  • 5GForce is Blue 9 Solar Monkey or enlightened Magic; 9Asparagine

It’s important to know how you really feel about a matter based on facts, not on a fantasy of how you want to feel about someone or something. It’s actually an offense to the other person if you try to hook or project emotional bonding when there are no behaviors or facts to base it on. It’s emotional vampirism and selfishness. We need to be mindful of ourselves and others now.

Patients try to do it with me because they’re lonely or distressed and I’m warm and helpful, releasing their pain. They imagine they can be my personal friend or the men think maybe they’ll have a shot with me to ask me on a date. Nada. It’s very unprofessional in every line of business to let a client do fake emotional bonding with you. We all need to have strong boundaries and figure out how to make them clear without freaking people out.

RED MOON is about the purification of real emotional flow on universal terms. That means destiny patterns, mutual timelines, affinity, grown-up stuff because you know who you are. Not “I’m still a wounded little child needing parenting. Let’s hook up.” That will suck your energy and waste your time if you hook onto people like that or let them hook to you.

This kind of pivoting is essential for humans to ascend spiritually, focus on their mission or resolve their karma. It’s really important to be surrounded by your tribe, the right people, so we can work together to help each other and others who are distraught, get through the next few months. Nothing is going to be the same and my clients are coming in telling me that everyone at their workplace can feel it. Humans are naturally very tuned into feelings and have intuition. Body language is stronger than speaking in human communication! No wonder the leaders are trying to keep us separated from each other. We’re stronger together than isolated!

Interplanetary Holon


We are mediated by Mercury today in exact synchronicity with the FULL Moon in Gemini! This will bring more facts and info. to the surface, maybe second hand as Gemini tends to gossip. Aries does too. It’s important to keep things you don’t want to be known under your hat because the impetus will be to talk and share.

Only 3 days until the Winter Solstice and we start to receive more sunlight.

Winter is finally about to begin as the Great Sun returns. The deep darkness of Fall wanes.

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