Maybe We’re Ghosts of Our Real Selves While in the Body

Thomas Beaudoin-Foxiest Man Alive IMO. Is he real? Maybe he is a ghost.

Have you seen the hokey Christmas movie “The Spirit of Christmas”? #1…why would I watch this dumb movie? To look at him! Holy Pete. Seriously. He is a good actor too.

He is White 2 Polar Dog and has Blue 12 Monkey as his Hidden Wisdom. Hmmm.

White Lunar Dog
Green Central Castle of Enchantment
Earth family- Polar      Clan- Truth
Galactic Activation Portal
I polarize in order to love
Stabilizing loyalty
I seal the process of heart
With the lunar tone of challenge
I am guided by the power of spirit
I am a galactic activation portal   enter me

In short, an Inn is haunted, of course, and the only reason this fellow is in physical (as a ghost) for 12 days is because he has karma (he was a rum runner, got a woman pregnant, and was murdered) of which he needs to let go. The two people he knew who have passed over, with whom he has karma, end up visiting him at the Inn so that he has the opportunity to forgive them or let go of them, which he does. Then they disappear into the next density. He decides to stay in 3D to be with his woman friend.

Because he’s able to cross densities, which he proves to his woman friend who is fully human, he can be in a dense body that others can touch but he doesn’t need food or sleep. That’s pretty interesting. Obviously, he’s receiving his sustenance from the other side. (we are to assume)

This is all fiction but it caused me to wonder about ghosts. Many people have experienced ghosts and it’s actually very common. My boyfriend Michael (Red 1 Serpent) visited me all the time after he died in 2016 and only occasionally now at my request because I’m trying to find a new boyfriend, maybe. He is a jealous type and needs to be at a distance.

If you want your family member or friend-mate around, it’s no problem. But sometimes people are haunted or don’t want them around, maybe because they have karma they don’t want to deal with. At that point, you have the right to command them to leave and they are no longer allowed to bother you in 3D. But if you have karma with them you will have to either deal with them in the next density or come back to earth to keep going through your karma. Death is not a “get out of jail free” card. When you die you’re just ending your karmic journey here for now.

It got me thinking about the possibility that our lives here on earth, in this space-time suit we call a body is a type of ghost. We are in a holographic matrix after all so none of this is real. It’s real in time but time is ultimately an illusion as well and functions so that we can manifest and spiritually keep learning our lessons. What manifests the body is DNA which is the karma-dharma lemniscate ∞, theme, and analog. We are holographic projections into this matrix. That is pretty much a ghost. It might be helpful to view ourselves and everyone around us as ghosts of their real selves so that we don’t get so caught up in what others do and say so much.

What are we really, walking around in this life appearing to be human? An eternal, timeless soul with many lifetimes under our belt. But ultimately we are all children of God with our karma and dharma and no one is better than another and no one gets off scot-free. How would this perspective change how we interact, how we see and treat one another knowing that death is not our destiny, physical death is a choice. Nor is it “the end”.

I will address these questions on new dedicated pages in my stand-alone website that is being created. I feel we need to get past, “What is she talking about” and I will simply explain it further and give you meditations to pivot. Then it’s up to you to read it.

Stay posted. I’m getting off of censoring Word Press and expanding “Time is DNA” so we can actually do this.

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