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Time Serpent

The term ‘Kal’ means time and ‘Sarpa’ means serpent. We just entered the Red Serpent 13-day cycle initiating us into this Kala Sarpa cycle or Time of the Red Serpent this week Tuesday, December 14, 2021. Today is Thursday, December 16, 2021, so the timing of this Vedic Cycle is in exact synchronicity with the Tzolkin. See the line-up below.

I don’t follow this astrologer but her link was sent to me by a patient a few days ago. I just opened it this morning.

This points to vital synchronicity and I will parse it out today with the Mayan Oracle. First to note is today is Blue 3 Electric Hand, Trump’s birth gateway, right next to Biden’s birth gateway which was yesterday!! Their destinies are right next to each other on the timeline and I’ve said this before. People whose destinies are intertwined are born next to each other in the Tzolkin and it’s never wrong.

It’s possible Trump may claim his rightful office by April of next year once the deep corruption comes forward that she talks about. I don’t know about you but I’m fully aware of the depth of evil that needs to come to the surface. Or, he may be part of it! Just yesterday I said, “When is the truth going to come out?”

And the wind is crazy here. 65mph gusts and 63 degrees. The universe is blowing in the truth and blowing out the old ways. The earth holon responds to the Psi Bank around the earth which is informed by the Tzolkin Harmonic. The science and details of it are in my new book “Time is DNA” available on Amazon if you want to see the math. They are making updates though. Give them until Monday next week.

The Tzolkin Read-Out from December 14, 2021 to April 24, 2022

  • We enter the Time of the Red Serpent with the Red Serpent 13-day cycle, Power of Life-Force on December 14, 2021; Red 1 Magnetic Serpent. The next day is Joe Biden’s birth gateway and the next day is Trump’s birth gateway!!! Here we go. This is I Ching 59; Dispersion and Dissolution. The Tzolkin starts the Blue Western Castle of Burning, Court of Magic, Transform Star. I have written, “Maldek karma” from previous research. The focus is on consciousness-Mind with A.A. Valine/GTA
  • We entered G.A.P. kin portals that ramp up the energy yesterday on White 2 World-Bridger. Every day is a GAP kin for 12 Days and lands on Christmas Day. This is a new version of the 12 days of Christmas and ends on Yellow 12 Warrior. Red 13 Earth ends the GAP kins for now.
  • Next, on Dec. 27th we have the pivotal and universally significant White 1 Magnetic Mirror which figures strongly in my book. It is 1:11 and I’ve deduced, the holographic plate of Bohm’s holomovement; 30:18:1:118. The physics equation I’ve written is in “Time is DNA”. This is a time reversal. Our timeline will be pivoting, I believe. You heard it here first. This is an inverse time matrix. The 5GForce on White 1 Mirror, 12/27/21 is White 13 Cosmic WIND. The wind has put us on notice!
  • On Dec. 30 we are on Red 4 Self-Existing Dragon and enter the Mystic Column, kin 121-140. I have written in my book, from my research, “This is the space that makes it possible for the transformative dynamic of the crossover polarity.” See pg. 32 of Earth Ascending. In the Mystic Column, there is no electrical charge and thus no polarity. It’s in affinity with the human spine that is controlled by our muscles and blood. It is the axis of the eternal present.
  • On January 7, 2022 we hit HF33, Red 12 Crystal Moon and we are officially out of 3D for 4 days. This is full on IMPLICATE ORDER ENERGY streaming onto the planet. There is no DNA nucleotide governing this harmonic. Between White 13 Dog and Blue 1 Monkey we get direct energy from Galactic Center. White dog starts the left truth hand so this is all about THE TRUTH from Source. So January 8 and 9 should be interesting days. Mark your calendars. There are going to be wild events from Jan. 7-10.
  • Then in HF34, Jan. 11 this year, I have written, “This HF is heavily invoked in the Covid 19 genetic signature.” That would be from what Dr. Chavez sent me. Something will likely pivot here for good or ill.
  • On Jan 19 we hit Red 11 Spectral Dragon and we’re out of the mystic column and ON an OMEGA POINT. This pulses on an alpha point, 33:11:1:131 which we just saw in HF33 as Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey. The I Ching says we’re in Retreat.
  • We hit Feb.4, 2022 and we are in the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving, Court of Intelligence, Ripen the Sun. So we just finished a 52-day cycle which is “a castle” We just hit an ALPHA POINT. Come March 1, 2022 we will have finished something. It’s White 13 Cosmic Wind which was a 5GForce at the beginning. This day has White 1 Mirror as it’s 5GForce so that is epic! It’s also Lion’s Gate; 8:8:11
  • Once we get to March24, 2022 we hit an OMEGA POINT and on March 27 there may be another time eruption. That’s is Yellow 13 Cosmic Star.
  • We’re in a new Matrix in the Green Castle on March 28, 2022, a new set of feelings about things. By April 1 the I Ching says we are “Gathering Together”. The rest of the I Ching DNA says a steady forward progression until we hit HF60 on April 25, 2022 and we in a Contemplative View.

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