Wednesday; White 2 Polar World-Bridger, Dualistic Death.

How is it Empowering to See Your Body As Time as Opposed to Being Destroyed by Time?

You’re the only one inhabiting your body 24/7. It truly is the only thing on earth that you can 100% control by focusing your mind, and practicing mindfulness on thought and feeling habits. Learn the art of pivoting when you get on a negative jag.

You don’t have to analyze this. Just drop it when it occurs. If you have a habit of overspending at Christmas, just put the CC in a drawer or safe deposit box at the bank. Pivot means go in the opposite direction away from the negativity and you’ll learn tricks to do this. Occupy your mind with what is healthy and attach to it.

You’re changing your DNA, your karma-dharma when you pivot your mind and sit in your center. My center is writing, research, meditating, and publishing.It has to feel like heaven on earth and that’s your dharma. Go in that direction.

Our current perception of time;

  • Mechanistic clock on the wall or on your wrist dictating what you’re supposed to be doing.
  • It’s abstract, a force outside of the body controlled by the rotation of the earth around the sun.
  • Tyrannical regarding money; Time is Money belief reinforced by the media and marketing. Whoever has the most wins so time is controlled by how much money you have.
  • Your linear age dictates where you fit in the sick care system, how long you get to live on the planet until young people want to get rid of you so they don’t have to be reminded of aging. We’re harshing their buzz.
  • Victim of planned obsolescence by the hospital and funeral industries who profit from your death at a certain age.
  • A narrative that TIME has everything to do with aging when in fact, the definition of aging is cellular stress of which we have control as individuals with our mindset.
  • Pressure to agree with those around you who are your age. “Act your age.” attitude. They diss you if you appear younger and fit. Their loss, not yours. An attachment to “age” is KARMA. It is a powerful destructive thoughtform widely held as slow suicide really when the truth is, the body doesn’t have to die as long as the mind doesn’t. The mind dies when you no longer know who you are or how you feel in your body.

The Facts About Time

  • You can control it if you control your mindset about your body and actions toward your body.
  • It’s unified in truth and is not moving. Timelessness or White Wizard is the ultimate truth.
  • Your in-breath is your karma (starts with Yellow Sun) and your out-breath is your dharma (White Dog love and ends with Blue Storm self-generation).
  • When you can sit still, notice your breathing and understand why you breath in, why you are alive and here in a body that breathes, and why you breathe out, what that means and what you’re releasing, you will be moving toward balance in your body or timelessness. It programs your mind.
  • It is female and male. We are all both. Being in the double helix, DNA as time, dualism, polarity, postive and negative, protons and electrons is to be embodied but it is just a hologram, a movie projected onto a screen called time which is DNA from your parents. They don’t own you. Neither does God. You belong to yourself and are free to choose your loyalties or your timeline preferably from love but that is not forced either. There is always karma and dharma for your choices though.
  • Time is inside of you not outside of you. All that occurs out in the world is an illusion  and not worth much attention at all. No time will change by focusing on the goings-on of the outside world. It will weaken you and waste your embodiment if you overdo it. Mostly they are making more karma for themselves. If the source of action does not come from love it’s more karma. That is what you’re occupied with.
  • Time flies when you’re having fun. That’s the ticket.

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