Sunday-Crystal Dreaming

The sun is out and the 60mph spectral winds have died down. Also, I fixed the cover and a couple problems in the paperback and completed the setup for the ebook. It will be $9.99 if you prefer that and will be available internationally. 🥳😎 Give Amazon a couple days to get it straight.

Body Holon

  • The theme is Blue 12 Crystal Night or Collective dreams. 12 Alanine
  • The analog is Yellow 12 Crystal Warrior or collective intelligence. Let’s get those theta and gamma brainwaves humming! 12Histidine.
  • The guide power is Blue 12 Crystal Eagle or collective vision. 12Arginine.
  • The antipode is Red 12 Crystal Skywalker or collective prophecy and action. That is a challenge. 12Glutamine. I did my SW part and got my book out.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is White 2 Crystal Mirror or polarizing timelessness. Dualism will die hard I think as weove i to the unified field of multidensity mind where there is no past or future. We may be moving past the double helix within a decade.
  • The 5gforce is

Maybe this will send A.I. packing. Phenomenally gorgeous, human-created piece of music.

Interplanetary Holon.

Our mediating planet is Saturn.

The hexagonal storm at the N.pole

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  1. Currently reading Time is DNA…WOW. I cannot even wrap my brain around this. I am on page 131. I am gonna have to read it again. This time…making notes.
    This is Brilliant Lisa!!!!!

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