Thursday Daily Oracle; Solar Enlightenment Putting us back on the Karmic Side for 10 days

Sunny Day.

Yellow 9 Sun through to Red Moon takes us up to the Winter Solstice which falls on December 21, Yellow 8 Galactic Human. There is a big group meditation event on the 21st. I’ll post soon. This is the beginning of the karmic galactic solar inbreath, that first breath of life into the physical body and an introduction to facing the music and lying in the bed you made if you’re born on the karmic strand. Welcome to Earth School. You have your full birth themeplex to help you out.

Body Holon

  • Your Theme is karmic Yellow 9 Solar Sun or double solar pulse for this total sun focused kin. Learning enlightenment and Christ consciousness.
  • Your Analog to love and support your lessons to teach you is dharmic Blue 9 solar Storm; solar self-generation.
  • The Guide power is dharmic Yellow 9 Solar Warrior to encourage you to crack a book, increase your intelligence and confidence.
  • Antipode is karmic White 9 Solar Dog or intention to be a guardian, companion and consistent. To be that you have to have faith in yourself.
  • Hidden Wisdom is karmic Red 5 Radiant Dragon or issues with Mom, good and bad to parse out.
  • 5gforce is Yellow 5 Radiant Sun or a leg up on the solar energies from fifth density.

Interplanetary Holon

Pluto is the mediating planet today between karmic Yellow 9 Sun and dharmic Blue 9 Solar Storm. Also pulsing are Saturn, Mercury, and Neptune.

Pluto on the Karmic Side now.

In synchronicity, the moon is in Pisces which is ruled by Neptune pulsing to the Hidden Wisdom, karmic Red 5 Radiant Dragon which is mediated by Neptune. These are positive family memories. It wasn’t all bad! The emotions are mellow.

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