Wednesday Daily Oracle; We’re Sealing the Matrix of Self-Generation on the AC Strand (Dharma)

Body Holon

  • Theme is Blue 8 Galactic Storm; expansive self-generation
  • Analog is Yellow 8 Galactic Sun; expansive enlightenment
  • Guide Power is Blue 8 Galactic Night; expansive abundance
  • Antipode is Red 8 Galactic Moon; expansive flow of universal feelings
  • Hidden Wisdom is White 6 Rhythmic Wind; spirit communication or channeling
  • 5GForce is Red 6 Rhythmic Dragon; balanced memory

Karma and Dharma

We can see the karma-dharma relationship here. On the left is the Galactic-Karmic movement and the Solar Dharmic Prophetic movement is on the right.

Blue Storm is on the Solar-Prophetic Out-breath side of the Interplanetary Holon so it is a dharmic or a future archetype. The amino acid is tryptophan so as a whole, we are balancing tryptophan in our bodies with the karma we’ve already finished. Self-generation is definitely unfinished, only partially manifested dharma!

Yellow Sun leads off the Galactic Karmic INBREATH. Whatever we breathe in literally or figuratively is our karma. That is because our karma and the opportunity to turn it into dharma is the reason we were allowed to be born onto this planet into our bodies. Or, we’ve completed the cycle and are born into dharma to be of service. In that case, our finished karma helps us remember our power to transform and we teach it. Yellow Sun is enlightenment. Humanity has gone through the wringer to become awake and more enlightened and it continues today. The inevitable outcome is self-generation. That is still supremely lost on so many people addicted to the Covid narrative, MSM, and trusting the government. The subconscious family trauma instigates addiction to all kinds of things to keep people from feeling God in Them.

Interplanetary Holon


We are mediated by Pluto today. Pluto is also the ruler of Scorpio in alignment with Blue Storm/Yellow Sun; Self-generation and enlightenment.

  • The Moon spends the day in Aquarius, harmonizing with the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius. This is in synchronicity with our Hidden Wisdom, White 6 Rhythmic Wind
  • We’re able to express and embrace our independence while including others.
  • We’re more intellectual today, and we strive toward greater honesty and a broader viewpoint.
  • Our idealism runs high today, and we’re bringing more imagination to our mental pursuits.
  • With our hearts and heads cooperating, we can make wonderful connections.
  • A Sun-Uranus biquintile is on the radar, exact early tomorrow, and we embrace our uniqueness, reinforced further by the Aquarius Moon. This is in synchronicity with the analog today; Yellow 8 Galactic Sun and the Hidden Wisdom, White 6 Rhythmic Wind both ruled by the Sun and Uranus. Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus so it’s a bisynchronicity as well as a biqquintile

Earth Holon-Time Portal

Blue Storm is a Gateway Kin. It is at the root or South of the planet and transmits to the cosmic web. Its location is 60 degrees south–75 degrees east, south of the Kerguelen Islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Antarctica.,88.25493273,2938.52011446a,5236710.2669996d,30y,21.34026571h,0t,0r/data=MicKJQojCiExSTRwRmNGeUQ0QV92eXVuUmlnYjQ4bVhKN0ZyVGQ4QU4

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