How Can Our Experience of Time Effect Our Bodies?

When I was on a swing as a child, there was no time and I was in heaven.

Once upon a time, Earth became a Timeship, and we became time travelers given a spacesuit on our birthday; our body. That’s the context. Most stories begin, “Once upon a TIME” and then things and events follow. This is embedded into our culture. Time is not abstract. It’s literal.

We could even say that backward; how do our bodies affect our perception of time? Because in the final stretch there is no time and we are in timelessness. What tribe is that followers? White Wizard/Magician/ Jaguar which was the Maya priest class. The religious are the ones who talk about eternity right? It was no different with the ancients.

We’ve all experienced a sense of time flying or dragging while we’re awake in our bodies living our life. It’s a mental perception or feeling about events around us impacting our physical senses positively or negatively. Those senses go into every cell of our bodies and every cell of our body is DNA. These are basic scientific facts. No straight scientist or doctor would disagree with me. But how are they connected?

If it’s an enjoyable experience we want time to feel slow or for the day to never end. In essence, we feel like we’re in heaven or eternity. That’s the dharma strand or A.C.  strand of DNA activated in our body and we physically and emotionally feel it. I think I’ve only had one or two days like that in my life. One was with my son as a newborn.

The day that dragged on too slow was the first day I came home after Michael dropped over in the E.R. I looked at his empty computer chair in my office (now) and had a terrible feeling it would remain empty. It did. That day is embedded in my mind. That was karma, the C.A. strand of DNA that brings the past into the present. Karma coming forward takes a toll on our heart and body but then we need to let it go.

Note that there are days that souls we love come in and go out of the Matrix, usually next to someone they are close to in a Tzolkin Harmonic as my followers know. Everything that occurs in life on earth is synchronicity…always. You are either experiencing someone from the first 10 tribes as karma or the second 10 as dharma. Note that these individuals can be right next to each other in this timeline, but if one is bringing someone in as dharma for you, in time, next to you, they can function as a time bridge via DNA, like your children coming through your mate or your best friend dying and bc of that you meet your soulmate. It’s a mix. Nothing is an accident.

Time is nonlocal and your body is local. The tendency of time to be nonlocal is what makes events interesting physically because they can morph. Time changes constantly because it’s a lighter density but the body is a heavier density and stable as a projection of Time because it has work to do. If you keep your muscles moving it can be fun work. That’s what the body is, a 3D projection of soul intention into the fourth dimension, thus creating time on earth. We set that up as s group. That’s why time is one with our body.

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