Watch “From DNA to protein – 3D” on YouTube

At point 1:56 you can see the tRNA as the 5-amino acid Tzolkin themeplex match up with the ribosome.

On this one you can see the 3D double helix unwind to the 2D Tzolkin with which we are familiar. The three parts called nucleotides in this video are ordered by the ancient I Ching TRIGRAMS OR HEXAGRAMS. A 3 molecule nucleotide controls each Tzolkin harmonic except for HF33.

You will see in my book how the IChing trigrams merge exactly with the Tzolkin oracle to illuminate our genetic code. The IChing has 64, 3D hexagrams. The Tzolkin has 65 multi-density harmonics formed by the 5-member amino-acid themeplex that makes us who we are via the daily evolution of our RNA; mRNA, tRNA and others that cannot be controlled by the scientists, even though they try.

RNA is soft and jelly-like, like a female or your mother. She is the source of our lives, the loom of the 13 Moons on which we are woven into a FORM (TONE 4) in her womb. It is through her that we are MANIFESTED time in the holographic matrix.

Here is the 2D flat one. When you wind this together, the opposite occult partner kin touching ends from one corner to the other and at opposite points all the way through, it is a DNA double helix. EACH SQUARE OR KIN, AS WE KNOW IS A 24 HOUR DAY IN TIME IN ADDITION TO BEING A 5 MEMBER AMINO ACID COMPLEX. DNA IS TIME.

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