The Difference Between Dimensions and Densities

This is important going forward because spatial dimensions are going to completely change with the earth and solar changes in our local system. The dimensions are SPATIAL or height, length, width, and depth; dimensions 1, 2, 3, and 4. The crossover space from 4D to 5D is Time.

The densities have to do with the frequency of different vibrations that allow any DNA form to be visible in the earth’s hologram or what we call “normal”. They are a level of consciousness or utilization of the power of the Mind. They are a stage of evolution.

The fact is, there are many entities that vibrate at different densities around us on earth right now; 120 different species in fact and most of them look much like us but most of us can’t see them. The word on the street Disclosure is we will be allowed contact with these beings in about two years.

You can find further delineation on this issue in “The Law of One”.

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