I’ve Asked my Followers to Turn off The T.V. Now I’m asking for a Boycott of Microsoft Office and Word

If we’re really going to keep A.I. off of this planet we need to get serious about boycotting companies, products, and social media that are selling their soul to A.I.

I know I make a big request but I think MS is a bad product; like health insurance, it’s a fail. My son informed me my laptop was crashing around Thanksgiving while I was trying to rotate a table in my book to be acceptable for publishing on Amazon.com. I bought a new laptop and of course, monopolistic Microsoft has MS Windows 11 already on it. However, I would need to purchase MS Office and pay $99.00 annually. No. Not happening.

Then the A.I. issue came to the forefront of my mind. Was MSWord programmed according to A.I.? I looked it up. Yes. No surprise. It’s the most heavily A.I.-dominated Office Suite.

We’ve all got to get mentally decisive and DUMP everything Microsoft from our Minds. I’m just as habitual and used to MS as everyone else and no one likes to have to learn a new system but there are alternatives that haven’t completely sold their soul to the A.I.

Microhard, so they think.

For now, I’m switching to Google Workspace Suite and Using Google Docs as a writer. Adobe Acrobat is becoming more editing-friendly right in the program and writers have to convert all of their work to PDF anyway to upload it for publishing, but both have bugs.

What I can tell you is that MS Word completely failed me in formatting my data tables. Once I moved them to PDF, I hit “rotate counter-clockwise” and it was done. It rotated the entire page and the table on it. MSWord should be so simple, right? MS makes things as complicated as possible and overcharges.

The other issue is that they’re hijacking our Tzolkin colors. Time thieves?

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