Saturday-It Doesn’t Hurt to Nurture and Bond in a Relationship

As long as you don’t lose your own life, what you value and need and become co-dependent, it’s all good. If someone loves you they are going to want you to center in your own self, not give it up and feed it to them for their sustenanace. Run from the needy vampiring energy. It goes into shadow for both parties. It could just be facing karma too but it is possible to jump to dharma and let it go. Just be a glutton for love and goodness not punishment. PIVOT!

Remember tone 4 and Blue Storm kin. 💙 All of the amino acids are evolving daily in us. It’s just that on some days specific ones are highlighted.

Today is electric tone 3 and this takes us out of Sun in Scorpio and the full moon in Taurus and ACTIVATES the new astronomy alignment. Speaking of tone 4 and Blue Storm, they are both pulsing tomorrow on Sun in Sagittarius for its first day. Get your quiver and arrow ready to focus. And it will be moon in ♊ Gemini and White 4 Wind. Let the TALKING begin. Synchronicity.

Body Holon

Relationships and their body are changing for many people.
  • Theme is Red 3 Electric Dragon; memory and ancestry, karma
  • Analog is White 3 Electric Mirror; meditation and reflection
  • Guide Power is Red 3 Electric Serpent; physical passion, grounding
  • Antipode is Blue 3 Electric 🐒 Monkey; Magic
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 11 Spectral Sun; dissolving enlightenment, birth, letting out the old and bringing in the new dharma.
  • 5gforce is
  • Planets mediating are Pluto, Maldek, Venus, and The Sun


  • The Moon spends the day in connected, observant Gemini.
  • However, Mercury forms a sesquiquadrate aspect to Chiron and a square to Jupiter which rules Sagittarius, pointing to some issues with perception. We enter Sag tomorrow.
  • Later today we find it easier to focus and strategize with Mercury and Pluto heading into harmony. Symchronicity with the Tzolkin alignment.

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