Thursday-New 13-Day Cycle; Magnetic Self-Generation with Blue 1 Magnetic Storm

Body Holon

  • Theme is Blue 1 Magnetic Storm or 1Tryptophan; Self-Generation (early stage)
  • Analog is Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun or 1Stop Codon; Enlightenment (early stage)
  • Guide Power is Itself so double Self-Generation
  • Antipode is Red 1 Magnetic Moon or 1 Methionine Start Codon; Universal flow of feeling (early stage)
  • Hidden Wisdom is White 13 Cosmic Wind or 13Glycine; Cosmic Spirit Presence (latest stage)
  • 5GForce is Red 13 Cosmic Dragon or 13Cysteine; Cosmic Blood Memory and Ancestry

Planets mediating today are Pluto, 3 times, The moon in Taurus ruled by Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune. The level of magnetic tone 1 is a baby so this energy will be interesting to bring up unconscious and subconscious behavior. We all know how a baby takes the attention of an entire room fairly easily. An adult baby emotionally out of control, however, is not something most people enjoy.

Interplanetary Holon


Mediating is a dominant Pluto in Scorpio, its home placement. We’re coming to the end of Scorpio and about to move into Sun in Sagittarius. Pluto rules Scorpio.

The full moon is affecting us now but is complete tomorrow in Taurus and comes along with a lunar eclipse. I guess this is a “blow-off” energy of not caring anymore. Some may be spontaneous or mindless and find fun in that. Scorpio and Taurus kin will feel it most. Maybe it’s a reversion to childhood for some reason.

Mercury is trine to Neptune which is in synchronicity with Red 1 Moon, mediated by Mercury, and Red 13 Dragon, mediated by Neptune. Venus is in Uranus affecting our Hidden Wisdom since Uranus mediates White Wind. It is all in synchronicity in the matrix as usual.

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