Tuesday Daily Oracle; Musings in the Matrix

Red 12 Crystal Earth, White Wind, Red Moon, Blue Hand and 2 Seed.

Time is focused on evolving crystal phenylalanine, glycine, methionine, isoleucine, and valine. So, in our bodies, issues of mental focus, communication, balanced emotions, self-esteem and our family history are evolving.


It’s a day to feel warm to your friends and reach out to them, talk, ask them what’s up. Hold them in your mind with a loving vibe before you contact them.

If you need to smooth the waters emotionally with anyone, hold them in sacred space silently in your mind before you contact them or simply meditate without taking action.

We are challenged with group healing and a feeling of accomplishment today. Think of the people of Austria. That government has enacted fascist lockdowns and gagging for unvaxxed. What timeline are they on? The past; CA. Karma.

Yellow 2 Seed polarization is our subconscious legacy, usually embodied in our parents, experience of male female, and balance of power. How can understanding this help us balance our past and our present?

They are the past. We are adults. I no longer need or want parenting. I’m independent. Are they? We aren’t called to remain adult children forever. That contradicts. We are not both a child and an adult. Nature is the same way. It’s either a seedling or a full grown tree. This is a challenge, especially at this time of year.

Tones 12 and 2 are very grounded and supportive of self and others. There is no competition today.

Happy Navigating! ✈🪂🚀

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