Sabian Symbol Destiny Read Out for Elon Musk

This is spot on so I wanted you to see it. Read the Sabians for a person’s birthday of they are hiding from you. They show the truth.

Elon Musk

North Node of Destiny; Aquarius 16 (15° – 16°)-White 3 Electric World-Bridger


We live in a world where resources are scarce and there is competition for them; it requires good management to cope with this.

“Self-organization and staying on top of things”

As a species, we have an impressive ability to manage resources and create intended outcomes. This is exemplified by space exploration and the technologies of war. Yet in the past, such ability was applied as much to create spiritual works as to manage the economics of war.

We think of the Buddhist temples in the East and Stonehenge and more in the West. Typically today a bright young adult is immediately caught up in the corporate system that offers training and a generous salary. Sadly very few people who have excellent management capacity are willing to forego prestige and comfort and use it to create spiritual outcomes.

Rudhyar (the name of the seer channeling):


Elon Musk’s Destiny Read…Exact.

Accomplishment fails unless it confers a depth of character that is not disturbed by gain or loss

In business, we are constantly up against others who want to take more or give less and will fight in order to achieve this. The image of a highly-effective manager and their accomplishments, speaks of the worthiness of profound involvement as a way to test and evolve character. This is done by consistently reaffirming what is important.

We have to prove ourselves against the forces that come up against us because personality develops if, and only if, we take on challenges that test us.

Similarly, day-to-day life is a real and valid challenge; even the most straightforward of matters are often difficult to deal with. Raising a family, owning a house, and pursuing a career, are all very demanding occupations from time to time, let alone when added to the burden (?) of voluntary community responsibilities.

As situations ebb and flow, then we need to keep our attention on that which we find of true value if we are to maintain a position of advantage. The cutting edge of accomplishment demands total attention at the level of detail, and also anticipation.

Anything accomplished of real consequence leads to a realization of selfhood at an advanced level. This is how we know the difference between what has, and what has not, any real consequence – and these things are often quite atypical of what is expected.

Since we know, but forget, that fame and fortune are nothing unless they confer depth of character, we trust that there will be clear indications from others in our community should we degenerate into a level of ambition that has no merit beyond the superficial.

Evidence of the true and abiding accomplishment is found in our ability to respond appropriately to all that occurs without feeling much disturbed by gain or loss, condemnation, or applause.

This readout corresponds nicely to today; Yellow 11 Spectral Warrior; intelligence

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