Our DNA is Time But Its Source is Timelessness

The lemniscate or Infinity Symbol

Timelessness is one with our DNA.

What animates our human flesh of DNA is timelessness. As you ponder this instead of taking for granted your warm body, breath, mind, thinking, and physical movement, know that what makes you a conscious warm body is eternal. The energy that enlivens you never ends. It is eternal or beyond time. It is one with your FLESH, manifested DNA.

DNA is time but it is also timeless because it’s Source is timelessness.

Even though it’s manifested in time that doesn’t limit its power. You can align anything out of balance. You have the power in your flesh and blood to HEAL YOURSELF. You don’t really need any meds, tech, etc. Just focus your mind INTO your body with intention. It’s like being thirsty and swallowing cold water. Perfect.

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