The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in Scorpio today. It’s in Sync with my Previous Post from the Tzolkin

Sabian Symbols: A soldier derelict in his duty

A soldier derelict in his dutyThis universal idea is best expressed through planets in Scorpio 21 (20° – 21°)CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION
Sometimes we must follow our conscience and face
​the consequences of society’s disapproval
“Being true to ourselves”

We are tested to find out how deep and authentic is our conscience; there is no escaping this because spiritual values are at variance with the values of society to a significant degree. This is particularly true of armed conflict where normally the individual is forbidden to commit acts of violence because it is morally wrong but the state may demand it of its citizens because it is said to be right when ‘defending the nation’ even at times when the nation is not under attack. When tested on issues of conscience it is good to reflect upon the spiritual benefit of standing on matters of principle.

You can also just watch the video.

Watch the Video

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