Friday. The Vibes are Either Really Positive and Supportive or Really Negative From Those Who Are Asleep.

Try to create a mental pivot strategy so those who want to bring you down instead of owning their own crap and projecting it onto you, aren’t allowed to vampire any of your positive, empowered vibes. It’s a very strong energy today.

People need to respect us. We are not martyrs and being a co-pendent martyr isn’t going to HELP anyone. Stand up for yourself, do good work, tell the truth, and have integrity. Remember that KARMA and DHARMA are spinning hard right now as the two strands of our DNA evolving forward.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Red 8 Galactic Skywalker; Galactic Prophecy. My galactic prophecy is, since I’m Skywalker…the two sides of humanity, those in love and faith in their bodies and each other and those who believe that we will be controlled by A.I. or don’t mind the idea and sit in fear will continue to form a wider chasm. All the more reason for those of us with FAITH in OURSELVES, each other, and the universe need to speak up and stand up for the truth. It’s not defending ourselves or attacking to do that. Just speak the truth in power and TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT YOU. That’s not an attack and don’t let them accuse you of it. The energy now is, anyone who is empowered, healthy, and happy is an attack on others. We need to pivot that back on them. We teach others how to speak to us and how to treat us. Otherwise their incorrect, nasty, evil vibe will win and that’s just wrong.
  • Analog is White 8 Galactic World-Bridger; Death and Change. You bet. Bring it on.
  • Guide Power this morning is Red 8 Galactic Earth; Galactic synchronicity and navigation. Pay attention regarding which way to go.
  • Antipode is Blue 8 Galactic Night; Modeling integrity, abundance and intuition
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Star; Art put forward with the right timing.
  • 5GForce is Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand; Accomplishment brought forward at the right time.

The mediating planet is Mars. There is a quincunx between Mars and Chiron (in Aries) this afternoon which can leave us doubting the effectiveness of our assertions or efforts to go after what we want, which can lead to frustration. Just pivot and focus on something else.

I am booked solid and phone and email galore. ALL GOOD!

Mars as usual.

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