An Insight As I Talked to My Mom This Morning

I spent an hour talking to my mom this morning. She is 81 but she doesn’t look it or act it. She is still enjoying life and talks about living to be 100. Unfortunately, the people in her generation, born in 1940, were taught to value the past more than the future. Most people walking around today, except for the kids, are taught to FEAR the future, especially now with all the fear-mongering. That’s an ENTIRE STRAND OF OUR DNA that people are ignoring and are usually afraid of the AC strand; aboriginal continuity.

We chatted about time and I said that, as of today, I have another new perception of aging, or stress that deteriorates our DNA. What ages people is their preponderance on the past instead of learning from it and letting it go. Balance and synchronicity manifest in the body when our MINDS focus on the future half of our time and the past the other half.

Time starts to spiral to the point where we reside IN OUR SPINES mentally which is the AXIS OF THE ETERNAL PRESENT. That’s where meditation on the spine is beneficial. We can remote view and see moving pictures of our past and present when we are still and breathe into and out of our spines. Just breathe naturally the galactic in-breath and the solar outbreath which I’ve taught you on here a myriad of times as the Interplanetary Holon.

It circles around the left and right sides of our body but crosses over to the other side each time. That’s why our physical issues are always bilateral.

The in-breath is the past and the outbreath is the future (because you’re breathing out the past). The first 10 tribes or amino acids are the past and the next 10 are the future. The in-breath is “male principle” and the outbreath is “female principle”. Men absorb the female energy and their life forces come out and into us and we breathe OUT of our bodies’ new life, a child. Men breathe it IN, women breathe it out. This is very fundamental stuff to mediate on in the body. We are different yet we are both female and male and breathe in and out.

What we call “aging” is “timing” or staying on a certain timeline that restricts our possibilities. We focus our time ON THE PAST and deteriorate because we don’t bring into our consciousness more diversity, curiosity about the present and future time, the young people, what’s changing on the planet, and new experiences. When our minds go that way our bodies will also!!! It’s good to keep your body coursing with future DNA. We are co-creators with the universe not just onlookers of the past. Easy for me to say as Red Skywalker on the future side of the holon and attributed with Prophecy. But we all have all 20 amino acid tribes in us.

I think this is key to the light body that will be coming.

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