Wednesday Daily Oracle; We’re Being Tricked to Play Nasty in the Matrix Unless We Focus on Work We Love ❤

Can you hear the drum roll and crash letting you know the joke is on you? Don’t go low, go high if someone crosses a line. The benefit of the doubt is good today. You can speak up but don’t push buttons or start a fight or you’ll make more karma for yourself.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Blue 6 Rhythmic Monkey or 6Asparagine; Magic trickster to create equality
  • Analog is Yellow 6 Star or 6Leucine; Balanced beauty and art
  • Guide power is itself
  • Antipode is Red 6 Rhythmic Dragon; Our mother and birth 👪 family. Lots of jokes to be played before Thanksgiving by jokers.
  • Hidden Wisdom is White 8 Galactic Dog or 8Methionine. Start codon for a behavior sequence that is positive for those of us that love ourselves, our lives and our bodies bc we’re done paying the piper and jumping his hoops. Let the miserable ones, made so by their own devices, fall away.
  • 5GForce is Red 8 Galactic Moon or 8Methionine; Galactic Flow of Feelings to help us see what we really care about. Wherever you point your emotional energy, you’re telling the Universe that’s what you care about. !!!!!

Interplanetary Holon

Venus-Art, Beauty, and Harmony…Dharma

The mediating planet is Venus. Sub-mediating is Pluto and the Moon. We can easily create either more karma to add to our pile and oppress ourselves reacting to asleep jokers or we can create good dharma and FOCUS on our own work.

  • Mercury aligns with Mars in the sign of Scorpio this morning, and both bodies form squares to Saturn this afternoon.
  • We can be very interested in producing ideas and fixing problems which could easily be co-dependent. Creates KARMA
  • The Mercury-Mars conjunction is a good influence for motivated, energetic work, particularly related to communications and the mind. Creates DHARMA
  • Keeping busy and making headway satisfies us more than usual, and it’s best to channel excess mental energy constructively. Creates DHARMA
  • Tensions are possible, particularly as we can be over-excited about an idea or resistant to letting others’ input in. Creates KARMA
  • There is a strongly competitive theme now. As determined as we may be, there are obstacles to surmount. Creates KARMA
  • It may be best to seek the motivation to make changes rather than focus too heavily on flaws and limitations. Creates DHARMA
  • Editing and improving make sense now as we may encounter resistance if we push ahead. Creates DHARMA
  • We might deal with disapproval or a dip in confidence, and we should draw on patience and aim to develop our endurance. Creates DHARMA
  • While the Moon in Aquarius all day is generally a good influence for healthy detachment. It hooks into the heavy, tense energy of Mercury-Mars-Saturn today, and we can be more emotionally invested in our frustrations. Creates DHARMA

Here’s what Karma looks like.

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