Tuesday-Radiant Love and Loyalty

Body Holon

  • Theme is White 5 Radiant Dog or 5Aspartic Acid; Love
  • Analog is Red 5 Radiant Moon or 5Methionine; Radiant flow of Feelings
  • Guide Power is White 5 Radian Mirror or 5Tyrosine; Meditation
  • Antipode is Yellow 5 Radiant Sun or 5Stop Codon; Enlightenment
  • Hidden Wisdom is Blue 9 Solar Monkey or 9Asparagine; Magic
  • 5GFORCE isWhite 9 Dog or 9Aspartic Acid; Solar Affinity

Interplanetary Holon

Our main mediating planet is Mercury today. Sub-mediating is Pluto, the Sun, and Venus

Mercury, courtesy of NASA
  • With a sesquiquadrate between Mercury and Neptune this morning, we tend to perceive situations in an impractical or overly optimistic way.
  • It can serve to diffuse our concentration or focus.
  • Synchronicity; However, Mercury and Mars are heading to alignment, exact tomorrow, and we can end up mentally wired later today. Mercury mediates today.
  • Synchronicity; The Moon spends most of the day in Capricorn, aligning with Pluto there. The Guide Power is mediated by Saturn and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn
  • The Capricorn Moon is resourceful, sensible, ambitious, and earthy.
  • We crave results, preferring to see the reality of a situation.

Today’s Sabian Readout.

It should come up on today; Nov. 9, 2021, but if it doesn’t just type it in. Then click on the links. There are 9 or 10 other alignments to look at. Beats indulging in Social Media.


Sun in Scorpio 18 (17° – 18°)

We can raise ourselves to the level where we are the ones who
​decide and determine what will occur
“Freeing ourselves from patterns of limiting beliefs”

Woods rich in Autumn colouring
Woods rich in autumn coloring. Synchronicity.

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