Pre-Solar Flash

The huge, planet-changing solar flash event is not inevitably destructive. If the majority of the planet wraps its mind around being self-existing and self-generating (Blue 4 Storm) and activates its human FREE WILL to be in charge, it won’t be bad. (Yellow Human tribe). We’re not victims. We can be co-creators and are called to be active, not passive.

This was a G-3, the second one in 3 weeks.

The Aurora Borealis is the manifestation of the Tzolkin in the Psi Bank of Earth coming from the Galactic Center and then through the Sun.

You can see the color waveforms of the Tzolkin 52-day Cycles or Castles; Red, Blue, White, Green, and Yellow. As far as the kin, green is reserved for the energy overarching the inverse harmonics. The inverse harmonics keep time as our KARMA. Your birth themeplex is your Dharma, or Future destiny, the AC timeline. In order to balance the two and make synchronicity apparent around you, you need to set your mindset at being willing to see your PAST (karma) and your future equally. It’s in your body as the TWO strands of your DNA.

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