TIME TRAVEL During the Philadelphia Experiment. Something Interesting on a Saturday Night.

Al’s journey began in 1943 when he and his brother Duncan jumped off the USS Eldridge during the Philadelphia Experiment. With his brother, they ended up in the hospital in 2137, having experienced severe injuries. They remember waking up in a hospital room. At this time, Al alone traveled in 2749 and spent two years there. El recalls his stay in the future year 2749.

Al saw a very technologically advanced civilization. There were “weightless cities” and cities on earth. The houses in the city were 2,100-2,200 stories high. At that time, people had already surpassed the barriers of gravity and could build some kind of “anti-gravity platforms”. In such houses, these platforms were inserted at certain intervals, and thus the cities were built. Plus, if they wanted the city to float, they could. The city could move from one part of the Earth to another.


Here is the full story.


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