Friday Night. A New 13-day Cycle

I had a very busy day in my office and couldn’t post earlier. People need a lot of therapy these days and no wonder.

We are in Blue 13 Cosmic Eagle now until midnight. With the Moon in Sag alongside there are likely to be big plans hatched over a drink. I’m hoping for dreams tonight, exhausted, in bed early. It’s been a hard week with Scorpio digging deep.

We were in White 1 Magnetic World Bridger today so change and movement are afoot. We know that. New studies are out on people changing industries in their work and more. Big shake-up in the work sectors. Workers walking out demanding better pay, especially the kids. Uranus is in Taurus!

I heard from Dr. Chavez sister Aida. She said his situation is complicated and asked me to look up clinical studies on it. He probably asked her to ask me. Another project. I’m happy to do it, poor man.

To bed.💤🛌. Pray for Dr.Chavez.

Tomorrow is Blue 2 Polar Hand.

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