Thursday Daily Reading; End of the 13-Day Cycle and then a New Moon in Scorpio Tonight

Body Holon

We are on the last day of the Red Skywalker 13-day cycle, for which I’m happy. When we are in our personal 13-day cycle the karma-dharma synchronicity flows faster and harder. You need to be on your toes to parse it out.

  • Theme is Red 13 Cosmic Serpent or 13Serine; Cosmic Survival.
  • Analog is White 13 Cosmic Wizard or 13Lysine; Cosmic Timelessness (the mystic column, kin121-140, the human spine. It doesn’t change it’s energy to adjust it’s physical position either.
  • Guide Power is Red 13 Cosmic Moon or 13Methionine/Start Codon/NEW MOON synchronicity; Cosmic emotional flow leading to higher rationality.
  • Antipode is Blue 13 Cosmic Eagle or 13Arginine; Cosmic VISION
  • Hidden Wisdom Occult Partner is Yellow 1 Magnetic Histidine; Magnetic Intelligence
  • 5GForce is Blue 1 Magnetic Eagle or 1Arginine; Magnetic VISION

Interplanetary Holon

The mediating planet is Tiamat (the asteroid belt’s dream spell, Maldek/Mars

The destruction of Tiamat started the current cycle of the human race’s KARMA regarding the emotions of SELF-DESTRUCTION, EGO, and RELIANCE on A.I. instead of Real Intelligence found in OUR DNA!!

The Tiamatians and Maldekians had big issues with this. With the transfer over to Earth by White World-Bridger and Red Skywalker and landing in Antarctica, our reconciliation with our own power and moving into DHARMA began. The contract with GAIA-Our earth was that we would be forbidden by the GFW (Galactic Federation of Worlds) to destroy our planet or ourselves again as we did with Tiamat. It would be stopped and indeed, selective E.T. have SHUT DOWN C!@#$, human military nuclear warheads. That particular apocalyptic narrative will not happen but the solar flash, our SUN in its cycle is on target to occur according to NASA and NOAA. Feel free to Google it. Corey Goode has talked about it extensively as have many Disclosure folks. That said, the MASS MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS of humans on the planet can stop it.

The New Moon in Scorpio around dinner time tonight means that we will begin working more closely on SELF-MASTERY. It is in alignment with our most dearly held American documents that are targeted for destruction by our government, but I don’t see it working. Americans and indeed, all people on the planet know that controlling our own bodies and destiny is Universal Law. No amount of evil can stop it.

The New Moon tightly opposes Uranus however, the ruler of Aquarius, the mediator of Red Earth/White Wind, is in charge of the Age of Aquarius so the OLD GUARD will continue to resist Uranus and sink itself deeper into its own karma. The same is true for individuals who refuse to open their minds and rigid bodies (DNA flesh) to Universal Influence. So be it. There is no more rescuing and time for firm boundaries from each of us.

The Sun in Scorpio also opposes Uranus so this is very interesting that it joins the Moon. In the Tzolkin System that is the Start Codon and the Stop Codon struggling with the amino acid SERINE in our bodies today. What are we dealing with here?

Serine is important in metabolism in that it participates in the biosynthesis of purines and pyrimidines. (liver and kidneys) It is the precursor to several amino acids including glycine (White Wind/Uranus) and cysteine (Red Dragon/Neptune), as well as tryptophan (Blue Storm/Pluto) in bacteria. What do we see here?

Human DNA is dealing with aligning their own Synchronicity (Red Earth and Aquarius) or Karma/Dharma with their Blood Memory or Family History (Thanksgiving) given to them by their Mother’s DNA and Father’s secondary. The universal mandate is SELF-GENERATION which is opposed by the elite and c#$%^ because it’s not PROFITABLE (Uranus is in Taurus $$) for them to have a planet full of enlightened, happy, empowered, independent people who no longer want or need to be coddled while receiving abusive parenting from INSTITUTIONS that lie and do everything in secret.

That includes the Birth Family. We need to become Adults and Know Our Own Minds.

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