Dharma and Karma in Your Birth Harmonic and Inverse Harmonic; Past and Future as Two Strands of DNA as Time

What Goes Around Comes Around in Time is the DNA Double Helix as TIME. It’s in our bodies

In your own DNA, your Birth Harmonic that you were born into, illuminates your DHARMA, has detailed wisdom for how to move forward into your future, and creates the details of your destiny. This is your AC timeline or future into the present. We call it Aboriginal Continuity or the Dreamtime.

Your inverse harmonic which contains your Occult Partner or Hidden Wisdom has detailed wisdom for you to act on moving past your karma and current programming to change your past so that it no longer influences your mind and emotions unduly. You will see issues with your birth mother or person who was in the role of mother for you from birth, on this kin. Be sure to ponder and study all four kin in your birth harmonic.

The latter is the most difficult for people because our current misaligned society teaches that family is like God, sacred and holy no matter how they treat you or how remedial their own soul development. My book Healer addresses this issue and my own story about moving past it. I have found the kin and details of each kin in my inverse harmonic to be negative and highly charged with my own karma that needs to be released so I can have a happy, healthy life and not necessarily have to come back to this planet. It is highly important that we all face our karma and know in our souls what must be done to align it. Then you need to take action.

Also, the occult partners on each of your kin in your birth harmonic are the four kin in your inverse harmonic. That is the power of your own hidden wisdom or your mother’s DNA pulsing on your karma to lead you forward to choosing your future. Many times there is a tremendous struggle, resistance, and hard lessons to be found in the inverse harmonic and it starts in the home of your birth with your birth family. If you parse out these gateways you’ll see the details of it, recall your past, and realize that it was all SYNCHRONICITY for your learning. Do not curse it but BLESS and RELEASE. It is difficult not to resent serious wrong-doing from people who said they loved you but that is par for the course on earth. Each of us has karma in different amounts so there are no casting stones. Someone else’s karma is not your business. Your karma is your business. If you try to control others’ karma or judge it you will be making more karma for yourself. It’s important to know that the Universe takes copious notes, all is seen and recorded and will be adjudicated in true justice after death.

The hope is that by the age of 52 you are mentally and emotionally dwelling on your dharmic BIRTH HARMONIC and the detailed lessons offered there on each of the four kin. It also crosses with your Sabian symbols which I’ve posted. The link is jamesburgess.com, click on Sabian symbols and then calculator to first see your own and how it merges with your Tzolkin density patterns. It’s basically another perspective on the Interplanetary Holon or Astrology. Mine is spot on. It doesn’t hurt to continue looking at your entire 13-day cycle that your birth themeplex resides in because as I perused mine, every kin had key people that have affected my destiny and synchronicity.

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