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SUNDAY-RED 9 SOLAR DRAGON OR 9Cysteine. This is blood or ancestral memory and the primordial mother. Very much in the synchronicity of the energy for Halloween.

We even have heavy fog today.

Cysteine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Asparagine, and Valine are evolving the tRNA in us today. With SOLAR Tone 9 pulsing it is in synchronicity with the SOLAR STORM.

Body Holon

Red 9 Solar Dragon is in Analog with White 9 Solar Mirror mediated by NEPTUNE. : Memory & Meditation.

We’re guided by Red 9 Solar Earth this morning creating solar synchronicity with All Hallows Eve which is the time when the spiritual veil between 4D and the higher frequency densities are the thinnest. ; Navigation & Synchronicity.

Antipode is Blue 9 Solar Monkey or 9Asparigine solar Magic, as Pars says below.

Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 5 Radiant Sun or 5StopCodon which is the direct programmer of DNA.; Enlightenment.

Neptune and Hallow’ een (All Hollows Eve, the Day before All Saints Day)

Today is the day to commune with those passed over, out of the holographic matrix who you’d like to communicate with. They’re not dead, just vibrating in a different density. 4D death doesn’t kill the Spirit, in fact, it wakes it up.

Neptune is the planet of imagination, spirituality, and faith and spends about fourteen years in each sign.

With Neptune in Pisces, the energy of Neptune will be amplified in a significant way. There will be a greater emphasis on all things mystical and imaginative and spirituality will be embraced collectively on a deep level. When misused, this energy could lead to escapist tendencies but for the most part, the energy will elevate compassion in society to a high level of unconditional love and understanding.

My New Discovery

The table below is how today looks in my book. I’ve made a significant finding here as I’m honing this table again. I strongly felt that the connection between the two oracles concerning the amino acids was not clear and now I see it here.

In the third cell, you see my focus on Inverse HF which has the Occult Partner or Hidden Wisdom and the Hx that it crosses over to in the square of 8, the pulse of 260; Map 8 in Earth Ascending.

What is apparent now is that the DNA nucleotide that overarches the Tzolkin inverse Harmonic codes the mRNA for the harmonic. That is the messenger RNA. See TCT in the third cell. that is DNA because it’s got Thiamine. See mRNA-UCU in the second cell. U is Uracil and that codes RNA. This will involve the mother’s DNA or subconscious hidden wisdom programming.

The main HF16, today, in cell one is coded by the DNA Nucleotide that overarches the Tzolkin HF and it codes the tRNA for the harmonic. When they reverse and we land in time on its opposite, it switches. It’s proving that I’m correct about the Tzolkin Code being responsible first for coding the tRNA and then the mRNA through the mother’s DNA.

HF16: 1:9:61, 2:10:62, 3:11:63, 4:12:64 DNA-AGA-Arg-R 619Cys∞9Tyr, 9Phe, 9Asn, 5SC (-) 62-10Gly∞10Phe, 10Asp, 10Glu, 4Trp (-) 63-11Ala∞11His, 11Ala, 11Gln, 3Tyr (-) 64-12Val∞12Arg, 12His, 12 Lys, 2Phe (-)mRNA- UCU
162 Hz  
9-Dragon-4D   10-Wind-1D   11-Night-2D   12-Seed-3D
Tzolkin Inv. is 50-DNA, TCT-Ser-S (Time plunder in this HF? An intuition)
HF50 pulses to Hx15; TCT which crosses to Hx16
HF16 pulses to Hx10; AGA which crosses to Hx9
From Table 2 in “Time is DNA”

Pars Kutay on MeWe

The NEW ENERGY affects the Sun.

The Sun gives the ENERGY to our Grid. . . and our Grid gives it to our DNA.

We Are All Affected.

~ 💜 ~

Photo: The Incoming New Energy. . . captured over Japan on October 26, 2021 credit unknown

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