When We Empower Ourselves and Others, We Evolve Forward By Creating Synchronicity

We are in the Galactic Matrix; Self-Regulate Universal Fire of Integrity; HF15

This is done by taking care of our own bodies and being a good example to others, simply sharing or teaching rather than nagging or prodding. It’s important for people to choose it for themselves rather than you doing it for them. Human nature is to rebel against that.

Since the body IS TIME, we now understand that the balance between a past mindset and a future mindset is what creates synchronicity that we can observe around us in the matrix but especially in our own lives with family and friends. Synchronicity with people and events is like breathing or the change between light and dark. It’s completely natural.

Abraham Lincoln

Synchronicity is apparent and balanced constantly when there is a balance between the CA, civilizational advance strand, and the AC or aboriginal continuity strand of our DNA. In my opinion, our society has gotten far out of balance because of spending too much time dwelling on and rehashing THE PAST instead of creating our own future. Each individual needs to do this. I saw this saying yesterday.

Body Holon

  • Theme is 5Phenylalanine or Red 5 Radiant Earth; Synchronicity
  • Analog is 5Glycine or White 5 Radiant Wind; Spirit
  • Guide Power right now is 5Serine or Red 5 Radiant Serpent; Sex or Life-Force. Same thing.
  • Antipode is 5Isoleucine or Blue 5 Radiant Hand: Accomplishment
  • Hidden Wisdom is 9Valine or Yellow 9 Solar Seed; Flowering
  • 5GForce is 9Alanine or Blue 9 Solar Night; Abundance

Interplanetary Holon

The mediating planet is URANUS which rules Aquarius. The Moon is in Cancer. Mercury and the Moon form aspects to NEPTUNE that increase inspirational communication. This is in synchronicity with the ANALOG; White 5 Radiant Wind.

Uranus-New Images from NASA

Sabian Symbol Astrological Reading

  • Sun in Scorpio-The Stabilising influence of institutions. ? Sun∞Storm
  • Moon in Cancer-Celebration of permitted emotions. Permitted ? Moon∞Dog
  • Mercury in Libra-RETIRING FROM THE STRUGGLE. (Yes. Clear your energy and stop watching it.) Moon∞Dog
  • Venus iin Sag-Loyalty to one’s own way of being (Self-Existent and Radiant) Star∞Monkey
  • Mars in Libra-Having faith that we are part of something bigger. (Yes-A grand Universe whose power is in our bodies) World-Bridger∞Skywalker
  • Jupiter in Aquarius-The discipline of self-Control Seed∞Eagle
  • Saturn in Aquarius-The creative power of admiration Night∞Warrior
  • Uranus in Taurus-Simple Pleasures Wind∞Earth
  • Neptune in Pisces-Training in optimism Dragon∞Mirror
  • Pluto in Capricorn-The convergence of tradition, spirituality, and commerce Sun∞Storm
  • North Node in Gemini-Spiritual blessings
  • South Node in Sagittarius-Power of the unconscious
Sabian Symbol-The Ocean Covered with White Caps

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