Tuesday-Defining Form to Raise Our Intelligence

Body Holon

  • Theme is 4histidine or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Warrior; Formed intelligence
  • Analog is 4alanine or Blue 4 Self-Existing Night. Tesla has this birth gateway; Formed Abundance.
  • Guide Power is 4glutamic acid or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Human; Rational Freewill.
  • Antipode is 4threonine or White 4 Self-Existing World Brider; Rational Change. Think before you leap, write a will, plan before you leave the planet, make a list before you move.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 10serine or Red 10 Planetary Serpent; Sex. Good job! Lol
  • 5gforce is 10valine or Yellow 10 Planetary Seed; 4D flowering

Interplanetary Holon

The mediating planet is SATURN. We are on the AC timeline; Solar-Prophetic Outbreath

This harks to my book Cover for Time is DNA. It’s a good thing THE SUN is in charge which is also on the cover.

The Moon is in Cancer which pulses off of Yellow Human (Earth). Mars and Maldek are challenging pulses in antipode and hidden wisdom. Tie that around the Sun in Scorpio we may want to play it cool and think today before we take any action. It’s a day to ponder.

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