Monday-The Output of Vision to be of Service

Body Holon

  • Theme is 3arginine or Blue 3 Electric Eagle; Vision
  • Analog is 3valine or Yellow 3 Electric Seed; Flowering
  • Guide Power this morning is 3tryptophan or Blue 3 Electric Storm and it is stormimg here.; Self-Generation
  • Antipode is 3serine or Red 3 Electric; Sex
  • Hidden Wisdom is 11threonine or White 11 Spectral World Bridger; change/death
  • 5gforce is 11serine or Red 11 Spectral Serpent; chaotic sex possibly in addiction or dysfunction. This is karmic shadow energy. However, it can be liberating as well.

Interplanetary Holon

Jupiter is the mediating planet today.

Jupiter is on Aquarius23 for awhile. The discipline of self-control.

“Sabian Symbols Calculator – sabian mysteries”

  • Sun in Scorpio; Working together in sync with theme and analog
  • Moon in Gemini; civilization in sync with guide power
  • Mercury in Libra; fi ding serenity in cycles; in sync with antipode
  • Venus in Sag; good husbandry, store up to plan for scarcity.
  • Mars in Libra; a spiritual perspective where you can see both sides; in sync with Hidden wisdom bc uou can dissolve stubbornness.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius; the discipline of self-control; in sync with theme and analog

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