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Abd’el Hakim Awyan originated the discipline of Khemitology to address the study of ancient Khemit, the name the indigenous and the ancients used to describe Egypt, or the “Black Land”.  It was named for the rich, dark alluvial soil that the Nile nourished its banks with during its annual flooding each summer.

This flooding of the Nile was a much celebrated event, as it was responsible for the abundance of food supplied from a rich agriculture, and symbolized fertility of all things.  Hakim was particularly fascinated by the evidence left behind by the sophisticated civilization that lived in Khemit from 10,000 to 65,000 years or more ago, whose self awareness and deep resonance with nature enabled them to develop devices and advanced technologies that mystify us today.  

Much of our continuing research is focused on the implications of the evidence that these people, who we call Khemitians, left behind for us to discover.   The people of ancient Khemit, referred to later as Sesh, became the original 42 tribes of Africa who, recognizing their connectedness to all that is, considered themselves equal in every way.

People we now refer to as Hebrews, Tibetans, Russians, Europeans and the many tribes of our Black African Nations, were all, according to the indigenous tradition, originally tribes of ancient Khemit.

These were a highly advanced people, who, utilizing 360 natural senses, were capable of great feats of manifestation, alchemy, and trans-dimensional journeying. They had no need of a written or oral language, or the confines of labels, and lived peacefully and naturally with the rhythms, energies and frequencies of their environment and the cosmos.  

The ancients (all over the world) built many powerful and enigmatic structures, utilizing the elements from their environment, combining them with the energy naturally emanating from the earth’s ley lines, and constructed them in a fabric of sacred geometry reflecting the very cosmology and energetic make-up of our holographic universe.  

This was not the work of an unintelligent or unevolved societies!   The stone structures in ancient Khemit, that were used to mark, amplify and utilize the energy of the ley lines, were elaborate and complex, and included the placement of massive blocks of granite, basalt, diorite, alabaster, white calcite, sandstone and limestone, each required for its unique  energetic properties, and were often transported from very long distances. Many of these huge blocks were quarried much later, during Dynastic  and Ptolemaic times, to build Temples over existing Temples, Statues, and buildings. The writing on much of what we find at the sacred sites was added during these more modern times as well.

As most of the standard historical dating of the sites and monuments has been based on the writings found in, on or around them,  it is clear to us, that their findings are misleading and often blatantly wrong!

The Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx (who we call Tefnut) are far more ancient than our text books tell us! The ancient pyramids were not created to be tombs!  The pyramids, temples and monuments were originally built and used as Energy Devices for transmitting and receiving energy and/or signals, as consciousness raising devices, and possibly as interdimensional or inter-galactic communication or traveling devices.

A complex architecture of of the natural elements of energetic rock, combined with the frequencies of sound, and varying temperatures of running water, all effectively worked together to generate power. The various Pyramid, or Per Neter complexes  here were networked in a dynamic design of underground tunnels and shafts implying an even wider scope of purpose and capability.   We surmise that their technologies must have often utilized frequency, rather than machining or tools, which is also indicative of a superior intelligence.  

Our research shows that the ancients had the knowledge and ability to change the consistency or molecular structure of matter itself—and therefore, many of our questions and arguments about construction methods and gravity become mute?   The knowledge of the manipulation of frequency and resonance could have vast implications for us today!

Our present day earth and its inhabitants have been gravely endangered by our own synthetic technologies—including volatile nuclear power plants. If we could completely understand and unveil the knowledge that the Khemitians possessed of free and natural generation of energy, the corruption inspired by a world economy based on oil and the ravaging of our planet could end. It would initiate an amazing New Dawn of existence and hope for us all.  

We invite everyone, from all walks of life, and all areas of expertise to combine their efforts with us on this vital mission of hope and discovery!

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