The 4DTesseract

How Does Time as DNA Affect Mindset?

The four dimensions are height, width, length and depth. Most of us call anything we can measure around us that is manifested, “real”. If you perceive anything else you need to go to a psychiatrist? Right? No.

Thank goodness we have science and epigenetics that has proven that all of our thoughts and feelings go directly into every cell of our body, our DNA, and control our health. You can’t touch your thoughts and feelings until they manifest in your body. Then they are more dense than etheric level. We intuitively know that as well.

We are the only ones that can be 100% in control of our bodies. I’m not saying people manage to 100% control their bodies or that there aren’t hindrances. There are, and we live in a very toxic, ELM, 5G, Mind control-satellite-polluted world including the air, noise, water and soil trouble. Also throw in there the pressure to be heteronormative or stay in an unloving relationship due to social pressure. All of that affects our DNA.

But our minds are more powerful than all of that. Our focused, meditated, calm minds, through breathing, plenty of clean water and attention to controlling our emotions are far more powerful than anything we can quantify in 4D.

We’ve nailed the first three dimensions with everything around us in the physical world, but the nail for depth, the fourth dimension, is Time. When does depth actually end? We don’t know how deep the oceans are nor how deep space is as we travel outside the earth. It’s exponential and thus timeless,

When I first looked at the tesseract, I saw both front facing squares.

Then I saw the front face as the top square and so on. What we see as the front face on the tesseract can change. Depth can also change as your perspective changes. Your mind changes what you see with your eyes once we get into 4D. It is the same with Time. People say that over time your perception changes and we all know it to be true. In addition, our perceptions have far more wisdom and depth. Our physical eyes are only sensors, they don’t actually see the whole truth.

It is essential to understand that as a fact in the Matrix on earth in order to understand the information in this book and to realize who we really are in the body.

The ancients have long taught that the lattice holding up our physical bodies is the etheric body. The etheric body is eternal or beyond time and can travel in different density frequencies. The same is true of our DNA, amino acids, and everything else that can be measured in the body. The foundation of it is etheric which is directly tied to implicate order or eternity. That is the source of “phantom limb syndrome”. They aren’t phantoms, they are etheric and real! Tell the person who feels actual pain in their severed limb that it’s imaginary! The sick-care system does that all the time. When they don’t understand something or how to help, they tell the patient it’s all in their head. “Here, take this anti-depressant.” It’s their failing, not the patient.

If we understand the context within which we really live as humans in a body, it will be easier to transcend or let go of the control of our birth family on earth emotionally and habitually. In fact, they are only one fifth of our DNA according the Mayan Oracle! We are made of stardust but our souls also come from the stars and planets; indeed, the universe.

Without our parents we would have no GPS on the planet and we see the synchronicity with our birth family directly in the Tzolkin Matrix. For that reason, it is important to honor them but not always mimic them. Family members tend to be born and die either on each other’s gateways or in the same harmonic family.

For instance, your analog kin can be brought forward due to the date of the marriage of your parents, meaning, your analog tribe or support in life is cemented the date your parents were married; your analog. This is the case with a good friend of mine. His parents were married 6-22-1958. When I spin that up in the oracle it’s his exact support analog. Even though his family situation was very difficult for him, he would not have the VISION he has now that helps others. His analog is Blue 10 Planetary Eagle which is manifested vision. I see this all the time when I do Mayan Oracle charts for clients. Please note that these synchronicities can fall on any one of the five kin in the theme-plex which will give it a different meaning.

So, even if you view an event in your birth family as traumatic or negative, it’s not! It’s a blessing for you to learn to move forward in a positive manner with your unique gifts. It will ever be true that many times we need the stimulus of difficulty or resistance to break through into self-existence and self-generation and most of the time, it occurs in the context of the birth family. The final step must be to let…it…go and not sit in resentment or being a victim, which is shadow. Stand in the SUN, in the light that is already in you. No need to search for the light. You were born into the light and the dark; female and male equally. Both are good but as the Tao Te Ching teaches, know the male but keep to the female. She/he who controls their mind controls their time. The mind is one with the body and the body is one with DNA. Do you see how it all merges together?

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