Summation of Movement and Correspondence Section of “Time is DNA”

Summation of Movement and Correspondence-pg. 101

In the double helix, the pattern system of the 64 trigrams of the I Ching oracle controls the DNA nucleotide pairs in the double helix ladder through precise organization which then pulses and sprockets exactly with the 65-kin Tzolkin Harmonic via the spine or two strands of the double helix. They contain the 5-member nitrogen, hydrogen (the Sun) proline molecular ring whose organization is illuminated in each kin of the Tzolkin. The strands are multi-density in terms of physics and the I Ching nucleotides are time space or 4D. All of that rotating together is DNA which is Time itself. The math is exact and syncs up with the 11.3-year sun spot cycle.

The Sun is 75% Hydrogen and 25% helium approximately via nuclear fusion so that speaks to the new finding that I noted on page 113;

“…quantum physics can cause mutations in our DNA via proton tunneling or the movement of the positive charged amino acids to a different location making it look like our cells can be in two places at once. Hydrogen is involved as well.”

The quanta movement is via the Tzolkin controlled tRNA molecules in the double strand spines that are multi-density, beyond 4D. And what the scientists call proton tunneling to a different location is the primordial crossover polarity of the positive charged amino acids I illuminate in Table three, and the Binary Triplet Configuration in Table two. Both of those movements pulse off of one another.

The Sun as hydrogen is key here as the Sun is the Stop Codon in the DNA sequence and 0 in Mayan Math which = 20 in Mayan Math which equals Proline as a secondary stop codon. It forms a nitrogen ring and is responsible for reverse polarity. The polypeptide chain changing direction IS TIME, changing direction via the GAP kin shown in the center of the Tzolkin which are essentially the tRNA molecules in the double strand.

The Rest of the Book

The rest of the book is highly specified data showing what my hypothesis is suggesting and is very interesting. The cover will be in color so the paperback book won’t be $11.00, I doubt. We’ll see.

The PDF is for sale on the Books for Sale tab of this blog

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