A new study reveals that quantum physics can cause mutations in our DNA

See the section of my book below the article that explains this phenom before this article was published, just by studying the Tzolkin.

An innovative study has confirmed that quantum mechanics plays a role in biological processes and causes mutations in DNA. Credit: GETTY


A quantum wave

Quantum biology is an emerging field of science, established in the 1920s, which looks at whether the subatomic world of quantum mechanics plays a role in living cells. Quantum mechanics is an interdisciplinary field by nature, bringing together nuclear physicists, biochemists and molecular biologists. (One can hope-L.T.)

In a research paper published by the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, a team from Surrey’s Leverhulme Quantum Biology Doctoral Training Centre used state-of-the-art computer simulations and quantum mechanical methods to determine the role proton tunneling, (the positive charged amino acids in the crossover polarity-L.T.) a purely quantum phenomenon, plays in spontaneous mutations inside DNA. (In my opinion it’s just evolution not negative mutation. It’s called CHANGE.)

Proton tunneling involves the spontaneous disappearance of a proton from one location and the same proton’s re-appearance nearby.

The research team found that atoms of hydrogen, which are very light, provide the bonds that hold the two strands of the DNA’s double helix together and can, under certain conditions, behave like spread-out waves that can exist in multiple locations at once, thanks to proton tunneling. This leads to these atoms occasionally being found on the wrong strand of DNA, leading to mutations.

Although these mutations’ lifetime is short, the team from Surrey has revealed that they can still survive the DNA replication mechanism inside cells and could potentially have health consequences.

Dr Marco Sacchi, the project lead and Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, said: “Many have long suspected that the quantum world – which is weird, counter-intuitive and wonderful – plays a role in life as we know it. While the idea that something can be present in two places at the same time might be absurd to many of us, this happens all the time in the quantum world, and our study confirms that quantum tunneling also happens in DNA at room temperature.”

Louie Slocombe, a PhD student at the Leverhulme Quantum Biology Doctoral Training Centre and co-author of the study, said: “There is still a long and exciting road ahead of us to understand how biological processes work on the subatomic level, but our study – and countless others over the recent years – have confirmed quantum mechanics are at play. In the future, we are hoping to investigate how tautomers produced by quantum tunnelling can propagate and generate genetic mutations.” 

Jim Al-Khalili, a co-author of the study and Co-Director of the Leverhulme Quantum Biology Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Surrey, said: “It has been thrilling to work with this group of young, diverse and talented thinkers – made up of a broad coalition of the scientific world. This work cements quantum biology as the most exciting field of scientific research in the 21st century.”

Look at this Section in my Book – Lisa T.

The Electrical Charge in the Tzolkin; Polarity


Our bodies (DNA) and the Tzolkin are organized according to the binary triplet configuration and crossover polarity. If you look at the Tzolkin, the Zone of Transformation where the Crossover Polarity occurs is horizontal lines 5-15. It starts with White 6 World-Bridger, kin#6, and ends with Blue 8 Eagle. That’s 130 kin or days (or people). The top five horizontal lines of the Tzolkin are the North Polar Zone and add up to 65 kin. The bottom five horizontal lines are the 25 South Polar Zone and add up to 65 kin. 130+65+65 = 260.

As I said above, the 130 kin in the middle are crucial to the topic of this book so let’s examine them. They are found in Table 2 of this book, on page 51 highlighted in dark orange. The image below can be found in Earth Ascending, page 35, Map 3. The piece we need to add to establish the crossover polarity is the electrical charge in the Tzolkin between negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons.

The reverse charge in the Zone of Transformation after the mystic column but remain negative and positive charge in the North and South zone for the first half. This group of kin is 0 in computer binary code.

The image on page 125 gives you a visual but I will spec it out here.

  • Kin 1-5 are negative (-) N. Polar zone
  • Kin 6-15 are positive (+) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 16-20 are negative (-) S. Polar zone
  • Kin 21-25 are negative (-) N. Polar zone
  • Kin 26-35 are positive (+) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 36-40 are negative (-) S. Polar zone
  • Kin 41-45 are negative (-) N. Polar zone
  • Kin 46-55 are positive (+) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 56-60 are negative (-) S. Polar Zone
  • Kin 61- 65 are negative (-) N. Polar Zone
  • Kin 66-75 are positive (+) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 76-80 are negative (-) S. Polar Zone
  • Kin 81-85 are negative (-) N. Polar Zone
  • Kin 86-95 are positive (+) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 96-100 are negative (-) S. Polar Zone
  • Kin 101-105 are negative (-) N. Polar Zone
  • Kin 106-115 are positive (+) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 116-120 are negative (-) S. Polar Zone.

Then they reverse. The Mystic Column is called the Axis of the Eternal Present and there is no electrical charge. It’s kin 121-140. This group of kin is 1 in computer binary code. HF33 is in the center.

  • Kin 141-145 are positive (+) N. Polar Zone
  • Kin146-155 are negative (-) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 156-160 are positive (+) S. Polar Zone
  • Kin 161-165 are positive (+) N. Polar Zone
  • Kin 166-175 are negative (-) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 176-180 are positive (+) S. Polar Zone
  • Kin 181-185 are positive (+) N. Polar Zone
  • Kin 186-195 are negative (-) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 196-200 are positive (+) S. Polar Zone
  • Kin 201-205 are positive (+) N. Polar Zone
  • Kin 206-215 are negative (-) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 216-220 are positive (+) S. Polar Zone
  • Kin 221-225 are positive (+) N. Polar Zone
  • Kin 226-235 are negative (-) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 236-240 are positive (+) S. Polar Zone
  • Kin 241-245 are positive (+) N. Polar Zone
  • Kin 246-255 are negative (-) Z.O.T.
  • Kin 256-260 are positive (+) S. Polar Zone

This is a binary, dualistic pulse in our DNA for our natural evolution. (As the article above discusses, it looks as though our molecules can be in two places at once. That’s because the positive proton charges reverse between the Zone of Transformation and the North and South Polar Zones, IN OUR BODIES, ON THE EARTH, and ON ALL OF THE PLANETS IN THE INTERPLANETARY HOLON.

(-) The negative electron charge is linked with AC or Aboriginal continuity, future to present, and Yin in the I Ching. AC is DOMINANT.

(+) The positive proton charge is linked with CA or Civilizational Advance, past to present, and Yang in the I Ching. CA is SUBDOMINANT.

     Synchronicity in the body, in the DNA, on the Earth, and in the Interplanetary Holon occurs when there is a congruence of AC/CA.

The 52-day cycles seem to organize the alpha and omega points in the Tzolkin and the alpha and omega points, in turn, dictate a positive or negative charge. This is the foundation of the binary triplet configuration. The binary pulse is vertical and the triplet pulse is divided horizontally into the N. Polar Zone, the Zone of Transformation, and the S. Polar Zone in all three Holons;

  • DNA Human Body Holon
  • DNA Earth Holon
  • DNA Interplanetary Holon

All three are coordinated by the Time Coordinate 13:20 which balances the genders on earth; female/male which all humans embody and all species including our stellar ancestors.

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