Saturday-We’re Done With This 13-Day Cycle and it’s High Energy Day Today.

“The closer we are to our own emotions, the less objective and logical we are.”

Harry Petsanis

We have to find a balance between logic and passion. There is no way anyone can say they never feel passionate. Humans are not attracted to dry logic all the time or over-emotion. Honestly it’s just about balancing the liver Qi.

Emotions are information, not orders on which to take action. The more you know how you feel the more information you have to process on which to make a wise decision. If you repress them they will make you sick or mentally out of balance. If you have repressed feelings it means your heart chakra is closed. That will eventually cause a heart attack no matter how healthy you think you are. Obviously Harry and I don’t agree.

Body Holon

  • Theme is 13Tryptophan or Blue 13 Cosmic Storm; cosmic self generation-Pluto
  • Analog is 13Sun or Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun; cosmic enlightenment-Pluto
  • Guide Power is 13Alanine or Blue 13 Cosmic Night; cosmic abundance-Saturn
  • Antipode is 13Methionine or the start codon in a DNA sequence; cosmic flow of feeling-Mercury
  • Hidden Wisdom is 1Glycine or White 1 Magnetic Wind; charismatic spirit-Uranus
  • 5GForce is 1Cysteine or Red 1 Magnetic Dragon; Blood Memory/Mother-Neptune

I endure in order to catalyze. Transcending energy I seal the matrix of self-generation with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of abundance. I am a galactic activation portal.


Our minds are revving in high gear today and we’re trying move on something but need to think it through. This is a stop codon day with 13Storm moving with its analog 13Sun.

Interplanetary Holon

Pluto is the mediating planet and it just turned direct from being retrograde.

Pluto, very far from the Sun
  • The Moon continues its transit of Scorpio until it heads into Sagittarius at 11:24 AM EDT.
  • Retrograde Mercury aligns with the Sun and then Mars today.
  • We get a unique window into the past (CA timeline) as it might impact our future, and it’s a powerful time to process recent events and ideas.
  • Significant new ideas are born at this time, and they’re likely to have real staying power or importance in our lives. What we say or write now has an impact, for better or for worse!
  • It will be imperative to channel excess mental energy constructively, or we may feel nervous, impatient, and irritable without a good channel for expressing this energy.
  • A problem from the past can re-emerge now, and we feel driven to take care of it, although it can be challenging to stay centered.
  • Also today, Venus aligns with the true South Node of the Moon, and we are more sensitive to whether or not some connections (or elements of our relationships) support our growth. (Big Time)

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