True Time Update;DNA Creates Gravity and Gravity Creates Manifested Space-Time.

It’s only one level of reality though. We’re in a holographic matrix organized by The Tzolkin. A kin is a day in time AND a person. They are in fact equivalent. We are organized DNA with intention and intelligent consciousness. Our existence creates gravity and gravity creates space-time. Mind what you feel and focus on. You are a powerful creator adding to our collective reality here!

Interplanetary Holon

The mediating planet is SATURN.

Histidine and Alanine, Yellow Warrior and Blue Night

Both Mars and the Sun form a quincunx to Uranus today (the Sun and Mars are heading toward alignment, exact early on the 8th).

The New Moon occurs this morning in the sign of Libra.

  • Today’s Venus-Mars semi-square can add to a tense and competitive environment.
  • This transit has a way of highlighting differences in our approaches, desires, and needs, and tensions in relationships can result.
  • As well, Pluto stations and turns direct today, and there can be inner rumblings as we sense something is coming.
  • Pluto’s direct turn comes now after over five months of retrograde motion (Pluto turned retrograde on April 27th), and its station adds intensity to all we do and feel today and this week.

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